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TOUCH me! Magazine Vol. 1

TOUCH me! I 93 automatically pop the latest/newest additions to the site Immediately. Hitting ‚Favorites‘ shows any of your added favs if you went and got some. Go- ing to ‚Com- munity‘ is PinkVi-‘s Blog, up to date news, additional‘s like ‚Erotic Stories‘, ‚Premi- um Sites‘, ‚PC Sites‘, ‚Gay‘ and the ‚Subscribe‘(RSS feed). The Community Blog is updated regularly, the links to sites in the top Menu here connect to‘s sister sites. Also here there is, on the right there‘s links to popular Social Media. ‚ ‚ with Games and Downloads and more., The „Optimized iPad Porn“ site works won- derfully in the Tablet Mobile devices, and work just as great in you computer browsers. The tem- plates automatically adjust to every resolution. When watching the sex shows the screen is yours with nothing else to get in the way. The only disappointment here was that some of the ‚Niches‘ could have more to select, but they were few. Visit the site at: