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TOUCH me! Magazine Vol. 1 92 I TOUCH me! SITE REVIEWS V iva!, They Innova- te, We Masturbate, there‘s your page headline. Optimized for iPad can you optimize in my Pad? Entering here you are met with a barrage of Sexy Images linking the users to multitude of Sex Videos, Photos in every hot genre. Straight Sex, Lesbians, Seduction, Blow Jobs, Sucking, Licking, The list goes on and on. Sort by Updates, Name and Niche, all geared for your mobile device which won‘t tell your secrets. These pages are uncluttered and to the point and the Erotic Images with there Captions are clear, easy to read. The Menu is also optimized and straight forward, navigation is a breeze and you can instantly select the Video Quality right there at the top of the screen. Scroll down the page and pick your fantasy from one of the great thumbnail images or, click ‚Niche‘ to open the portal of your desire, the list is long and deep and you won‘t sleep. At the bottom of the Home Page are the links for your ‚Updates‘, ‚Favorites‘, ‚Community‘, ‚Bonus‘ and ‚Support‘. Where ever you select to go in PinkVisualPad. com, no annoying commercial flash banners or animations hinder your viewing pleasure. There- fore creating a less distracting environment and a more comfortable stay. In all areas/niches you‘ll find that every Mo- vie has the Bonuses of ‚Clips & Extras‘ and ‚Pho- tos‘ included. Here‘s where to choose to watch Full Episode(HD), Add To Favourites, view the Trailers or just check out the included Pics(jpg). And always more pages underneath. Some re- lated Videos are also added in there own little block for quick selection. Clicking the ‚Updates‘ near the bottom of every page will