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TOUCH me! Magazine Vol. 1

8 I TOUCH me! GET IN TOUCH really want to push myself in my coming movies. Everybody is talking about your flexibi- lity and the way you enjoy sex. What is your favourite position and why? Everyone? Really! Wow that is cool. I do a lot of yoga and stretch a lot before my scenes, so that helps a lot during sex. Yoga is the main reason for my flexibility and I can really do different positions without facing any difficulties. My favourite position is doggy style, especially the lazy doggy, where I lay back on my tummy and rub my pussy and get fucked from back with a big nice dick. You have worked with many actors, who is your favourite and why? Yes, I have worked with lots of actors in a short period of time, I am a dirty girl… I loved working with Danny Mountain, Keiran Lee, Ben English, Keni Stylz and many more, you see I am having an attraction towards UK boys, may be because of the way they talk, Fuck OR just because they are having nice dick. We have seen many videos where you play with toys. Do you have any favou- rite toy, which you always prefer over others? Oh hell yes! I just love Hitachi. I wish that I ne- ver knew about it because I am getting addicted to it. I don’t want to reply on it therefore, I had to refrain from Hitachi. This is the most wonder- ful toy I ever came across. But nothing is better than tongue and dick. Do you watch a lot of porn and mastur- bate when you are alone? Tasha – oh yesss ! I do watch a lot of porn and I really love to masturbate while watching porn. I love blondes and I just can’t resist watching them getting fucked. I am really into gangbangs, it really turns me on. Recently, I did my first Photos courtesy