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TOUCH me! Magazine Vol. 1

this movie,” explains Dreamzone’s Adam Hasner. “The script is fantastic, and Lee Roy Myers is the perfect man to bring it to life.” The production will star Kagney Linn Karter, Jessie Andrews, April O‘Neil as well as wise guys Tommy Pistol, Anthony Rosano, and Peter O‘Tool as “The Dong” – Vito Whorleone. The movie welcomes viewers into the Whor- leone family. As the head of the world‘s lar- gest adult-film distribution company, The Dong has accumulated many friends, but even more enemies. At the brink of a porn war, the orga- nization eases the tension with orifices that no one can refuse and a raunchy dose of revenge. TOUCH me! I 75 Interview with Lee Roy Myers, Director of Godfather What is the idea behind the movie? DreamZone and I wan- ted to do something that would pay tribute to one of the greatest movies of all time, and spoof it as well. So, we decided to give it the look and feel of the original lighting and camera movements and costumes and then parody the original dialogue and storyline. With Godfather - A DreamZone Pa- rody, we wanted to make sure we had an enter- taining and exciting porn parody that people will enjoy watching whether they are the biggest fans of the original Coppola movie or have never seen it. Hopefully we did just that. Do you like the orginal movie and why? The original movie is one of my favorite mo- vies of all time. Not only is it A classic, it is THE classic film. Everything from the directing & cinematography down to the acting, script and the scoring is perfect. I can watch The Godfather over and over again and it still feels fresh and exciting every time I watch it. What was the challenge to you perso- nally? It is always hard to figure out where to start when you want to parody a classic film & a dra- ma. We had to figure out whether we should aim towards doing more of a fan fiction or comedy. And if it was going to be a comedy (which it en- ded up being), how slapsticky could we go, and how funny could we get it. Then where on earth do we put the sex scenes? There were only soPhotos courtesy DreamZone Ent.