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TOUCH me! Magazine Vol. 1

64 I TOUCH me! IN TOUCH M elanie Memphis is definitely one of the prettiest girls in the DDF universe. She’s got such a who- lesome look about she’d make someone’s perfect cookie- baking and child-toting wife! Nice little house in the suburbs, you know the fantasies a girl like this inspires...of course, before she got married, Melanie would have to sow her wild oats, like young girls do these days, sometimes even more wildly than young guys! And, take it from us-- one of the things all females want to do is suck off a well-hung pool guy! That‘s one of the first things we learned at Porno University. But all kidding aside, there must be something sexy and Freudian about the idea of a man using a LONG POLE to stir a BIG WET HOLE that communicates a powerful fantasy of erotic fulfillment to the feminine crotch...and fortunately, as Melanie re- laxes and reads her book, there is a pool mainte- nance specialist nearby, in the handsome form of Kid Jamaica! She quickly sets him straight about what his duties really are. Yep, her mission as a free-wheeling modern female is to blow his gi- gantic cock, and his mission is to kick back and let her do it!! Oh my goodness, she thinks, this is so big I can barely get my lovely polished finger- nails around it! And it tastes so delicious when I lick its big tip with my tongue! Melanie strips off her shorts while the Kid relaxes in the chair, and then she gets down for some ever more serious dick worship. Even when she holds it at the base near the balls, the thing rockets several inches above her grasp! But she’s up to the challenge, leaning over with her prettily lipsticked mouth to take in an almost ungodly amount of the SEE MORE EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS HERE www.ddfnetwork.comPhotos courtesy DDF Productions