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TOUCH me! Magazine Vol. 1

52 I TOUCH me! GET IN TOUCH Have we got a newcomer for you! Tracy Deli- cious is a blonde from the Czech Republic and she looks as fresh and free as a daisy! At first we thought she was a double for Julianne Hough, the mainstream tv personality from the Ame- rican program Dancing with the Stars and the new Tom Cruise movie Rock of Ages. She has the same wholesome blond cuteness. But Tracy is her own girl, for sure, sunbathing and show- ing off a really splendid body, naked from tip to toe. Wait until you see her absolutely luscious breasts with their pale pink nipples pointing out proudly; or her round butt and dark little rose- bud! Tracy sips a cool drink, then lays down on a pink towel on the veranda and gives us dog- gie style views and even some nice shots of her high-arched bare feet. She really knows how to pose well, from pinup style to super cunny spreads. She oils herself up with suntan lotion, Tracy Delicious Age: 20 years Height: 5‘6 | 168cm Bra size: 34A | 75B Country: Czech Republic Photos courtesy DDF Productions