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TOUCH me! Magazine Vol. 1

a whole plethora of ideas, including having our own adult site. This whole thing actually ruined our relationship- took the love out of the sex. We broke up and got back together 1.5 years later, picking up close to where we left off. What’s something our readers would be surprised to know about you? I sing Christmas songs in the shower & I‘m a complete nerd at heart. Whats your favorite place to be touched on your body? I love it when people with long fingernails run their fingertips lightly across my back. The craziest thing you ever done? This is up to debate. The craziest thing I have done recently is have sex in a jewelry store. Can you tell us something about the Amartia set? Looking sexy, keeping your hair dry and staying flat on a pool floaty thing all at the same time is quite hard... What’s the wildest sex scene you can share with our readers? I had a threesome with my ex-boyfriend on a beach once. It was a warm summer night. All I remember is being on my back, having him in- side me and her licking my nipples. It was great. What’s your favorite fantasy? 12 girls, 1 shower. Do you like to watch porn movies? I watch really intense gang bang scenes actually. I used to only watch lesbian porn before the in- dustry, and as actors know about the difference watching regular movies - once the veil has been broken, all you see is what it is, and what it‘s not... The „what it‘s not“ part really started to kill 24 I TOUCH me! GET IN TOUCH Photos courtesy