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TOUCH me! Magazine Vol. 1

MALENA MORGAN get in touch with Why you’re moved from Florida to LA? I came to LA to pursue a porn „career.“ I moved here be- cause I don‘t believe in doing anything part-time. You eit- her commit or you don‘t. I personally don‘t understand girls who come here for a week to work and go back to their home life. What‘s the point in doing anything if you aren‘t going to give it 500%? Are you still working as a fashion model? I never was a fashion model - I imagine people just think that because I‘m tall and skinny. I went to modeling school when I was 13 and found out that world is not for me. Why did you get into porn? The whole idea originated in webcam. I discovered it on a personal note and it turned into something way bigger when my ex-boyfriend found videos of me. When we fi- gured out that you can make money on webcam it spurred Interview with Malena Morgan, one of the hottest MetArt exclusive models. TOUCH me! I 23