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TOUCH me! Magazine Vol. 1

LA based Photographer Brandon Martin likes the contrasts. 14 I TOUCH me! GET IN TOUCH Brandon, why do you like to shoot photographs of nude women? Women come in so many different varieties, their hair, skin, eyes and other features are ne- ver exactly alike and that is fascinating and beautiful to me. I never get bored with a gorge- ous woman in front of my lens. How long have you done that and what is your aim? I have been shooting nudes in a serious capacity since 2005. My aim is simply to capture as much of this beauty as I can on camera and share it with the world. A short while ago, you moved to LA. How come? I moved to LA after I fell in love with the city during a trip last October to produce some ma- terial for a client. All the different cultures and possibilities are what attracted me. Which model would you like to shoot with? Ooh, thats a hard question. I‘d like to shoot Skin Brandon Martin „Porn on an iPad is what the world needs“ Scarlett Fay Photos courtesy Brandon Martin