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TOUCH me! Magazine Vol. 1

12 I TOUCH me! GET IN TOUCH K atie K is receiving the treatment of a mo- vie star on the sets of a new film, King of Soho. The porn star from Britain is the hot subject in mainstream media, because of her role along with A-listed actors such as Anna Friel, Ste- ve Coogan, Imogen Poots and Stephen Fry. Ready for release in the year 2013, this movie is consi- dered to be Paul Raymond’s biopic, the man who started Britain’s first strip club and later created millions by investing in real estate and porn pu- blications. Katie K is said to play a dancer named Haley at Paul Raymond Club, and later gets into the bed with the baron of porn and his spouse. “The experience of shooting the movie was just incredible!” said Katie. “The crew treated me like as if I was a Hollywood star and wanted to make sure I felt comfortable and happy at all times. The other actors were fantastic and so talented. It was all very surreal performing with celebri- ties I’ve seen on TV and in movies!” “Britain’s Bad Girl’s” first sliver screen appea- rance is rousing the British Press. Various publi- cations like the National United Kingdom tabloid newspaper “Weekend Sport” and the UK weekly teen magazine “Zoo Magazine” has covered the transition of the porn star into the mainstream act. Photos of Katie K on the sets along with the comedy star ‘Steve Coogan’, who acts as Paul Raymond ‘King of Soho’, has been doing the newsstands and pushing Katie into the world of top celebrities, including the gossips which co- mes along with it. But, Katie K is ready to take up the challenge. British Porn Star Katie K will make her Big Screen Debut in the Mainstream Movie „King of Soho“. „My dream has come true“ Photos courtesy