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TOUCH me! Magazine Vol. 1

110 I TOUCH me! TOUCHDOWN O rgasms for a man are EASY to un- derstand. You simply thrust, get aroused, finish, and go to sleep =) Most men can only have one type of orgasm... after which they usually lose their erection temporari- ly before they can get hard and have another. Women however, can have MANY different types of orgasms. These orgasms range from those that are barely noticeable to her man, to SCREAMING, TOE-CURLING, even bed soaking squirting orgasms (Woo!) And.... THERE ARE ALL SORTS OF ORGASMS IN BETWEEN THOSE EXTREMES! And...unlike men, the TYPE of orgasm a wo- man has is often 100% CONTROLLABLE by her sexual partner ! (you) One of the first steps to giving your girl the strongest orgasms of her life is RECOGNIZING that YOU have control over her orgasms. Lucky you =) My point is that you should never blame your girl for not coming. Always be honest with yourself, and ask yourself if you are really sexu- SPECIAL REPORT SEX The 9 Types Of Orgasms... And How To Give Them To Her! By Shawna Lenee,