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TOUCH me! Magazine Vol. 1

TOUCH me! I 109 cheeks and pulled him more. He tensed and cried. “I’m coming!” He sprayed hard shots of hot thick creamy cum in her mouth, making her gag a bit, as she was trying to keep up with the flow. But she ma- naged to swallow it all up without wasting a sing- le drop. He pulled her up, picked her by the butt, and pinned her on the wall. Her legs were wrapped around his waist as he held her by the butt. “Ooh Jake!” she said. Her wet pussy brushed on his belly, leaving slimy fluid on his skin. He pulled her up, then slowly lowered her on his still erected cock. He bounced her up and down, hitting her deep in- side every time. She screamed, squirmed, and shook her head from side to side as he drilled her more. She bit her lip as pain and pleasure mixed together. Her fingernails dug on his pale skin again, and left deeps marks on his shoulders. “I’m about to burst again!” he told her. “Jake!!! OMG! Hold me, hold me!!” she cried. Her arms shook while she held on to him. Waters still splashed on the tiles. She gripped his waist with her legs, and thrust herself to meet his own. As she bounced deep and hard on to his thick cock, she met his thrust for an earth-shat- tering climax! He burst like no other, and sperm starting flowing from her pussy down his legs. She still clung to him so tight, unable to make a move. The painful yet great sensation of him lod- ged deep inside her was a bliss. “I think you can go home now. Don’t be late tomorrow OK.” he whispered as he kissed her swollen lips. She smiled, wondering if she could put this as overtime! Read more sexy Stories & Erotica at Photos courtesy DDF Productions See more pictures like that