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TOUCH me! Magazine Vol. 1

108 I TOUCH me! TOUCHDOWN against her deeper and he reached her inside. He hit her spot, making her cry out loud. She scratched his bare chest and went wild on his lap. She was bouncing up and down so fast! Her juices were flowing as her climax came closer. She screamed loud again. She hum- ped faster, faster, and deeper and deeper. “OMG!… I’m coming!!!’ she cried. “Yes girl… cum with me” he said. He pushed hard, and it burst hard. She squirted! She wet him all over his crotch and chair, just as she gasped onto him. “Ohh I am coming, coming I’m coming in you!….Aahhh!!!” he grun- ted loudly, shooting heavy loads inside her. He closed his eyes and fell back to his chair, holding her. “Ummm you’re still hard inside me Jake” she said. “Yes, can’t get enough of you!” he admitted, kissing her lips. “Want to shower?” he asked. “Sure” she said, as she pulled herself up. Hand in hand, they stepped into the showers. The warm water felt good on their skin. She closed her eyes and let it pour on her face, trickled down her shoulders, body and legs. She got excited as she felt his hands cupping her from behind. “Never enough?” she giggled. “With you, never…” was his ho- arse reply. He squeezed her firm breasts, flicked her nipple, and she moaned wilder. “Ravish me tiger!” she purred like a horny kitty, exciting his senses. One hand nubbed her nipple, as the other moved down and slid between her thighs, in- stantly finding how hot she was in there. She spread her legs for him, offering her still hot clit. He rubbed it hard with his manly fingers, harder as she moaned louder. Her lusty voice echoed in the shower. She clung around his neck. Both hands were busy on her, his lips and tongue ravishing her neck and shoulders. He grun- ted and groaned loud with each taste of her wet skin. She reached for him behind her, and found his hot dick. Grabbed and rubbed him briskly. They were touching each other while the water was pouring on them. His tongue licked her neck and back, loved her skin, and tried not to bite. She ached for him again. In a swift move, she pushed him by the shower walls, cupped his tight balls and caressed his cock till it grew to his full length. She moaned as she licked his hard cock in passionate lust. Kneeling before his spread legs, she held him firm, while she kissed his tip. She sme- ared slimy cum all over his shaft with her full lips. His cockhead got the most attention. She slurped that sweet clear pre cum from his cock slit, and then teased his hole with the tip of her tongue. It teased him so much that he craved to fuck her hard again! “Not yet.” she commanded. She heard him grunt when she squeezed on his tight balls and slid his cockhead inside her hot mouth. “So thick and big!” He filled her mouth. His shaft disappeared and reappeared in her pouty lips. Fast glided in, and slow hard suck out. He felt his brains were being sucked out his head. She grabbed his butt-