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TOUCH me! Magazine Vol. 1

TOUCH me! I 107 hips and made him lap on her juicy slit. His hands reached for her taut nipples and pinched them both. She ached for him. She tingled, a sen- sation, a current, and a heat that burned in her. “Oh Jake… please” she begged. He pulled her up from his desk, and she clim- bed onto his lap, like a purring kitty. She rested both thighs on each of hi sides. She felt his tip on her pussy lips. Her nipples got harder when she touched his cock. He was so hard and hot in her small hands. She wiped some oozing precum with her thumb. His breathing increased pace when she slid her hands down his base, to his bulged balls. She squeezed him firmly. He grun- ted and groaned. “She is amazing!” he thought. “Hmmmmmm… you’re so hot Jake” she whis- pered. “I want you badly. You are my slutty editor in chief!” he groaned. She giggled as she heard that. His sweet blushing face was staring at her as she perched on his hard shaft. She was burning with raw lust, and he was steel hard. She rubbed along his shaft. It felt so good! Her clit got hard like a marble on her wet slit. She kept sliding back and forth. He cupped both breasts with his palms, and took one in his mouth. She ached more, wanted more. He then caressed her back, rubbed down her hips as he pulled her closer to him. Suddenly she licked his open mouth in a lusty way, and slowly slipped his cock in her hungry cunt at the same time! She felt him burn with hotness as she pu- shed little by little, more and more. She felt his shaft filling her inch by inch. As his bulbous head popped inside her, she squirmed. She dug her fin- gers on his shoulders while she arched her back. He filled her with his monster cock right down to its base. For a moment they just kept still. She felt the steel rod shoved in her and she gasped hard! He breathed heavily, buried his face in her neck, as she started to sway. A slow, smooth movement; she grind him. She went fast, then slow, changing pace. His hands gripped her hips, pulling her in rhythm. She went faster, faster, and faster. He let out a loud groan! They rocked the chair. In and out, his hard cock went in her slimed cunt. The squeaky sound of a hot-fuck… faster… deeper… faster… more! “Ahhhhh!!!’ he groaned. He rested his head on the back of the chair. He surrendered himself to her. She controlled the movements, the pace, the depth… She was totally in charge! She grinded on him more. He pressed