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TOUCH me! Magazine Vol. 1

106 I TOUCH me! TOUCHDOWN his hands all over her convulsing body. The couch shook beneath them. Still he could not quench his thirst. “You taste so damn good!” he groaned. “Ummmmm!!!” was all she can utter as she restlessly squirmed in his mouth. She rested her legs on both his shoulders and locked him to her, pulling him closer. “Give me your juices! C’mon baby! Yes that’s it. More… more!” he shouted as she kept flooding his mouth. “I’m so wet Jake!” she cried, her legs shaking around his shoulders. “Yes little dirty girl. I love it when you’re wet and oozing more for me! I’m gonna lick you… lap on you…suck your bud till you scream my name!” She uttered a deep “Ahhh!!!” while he kept devouring her. Her eyes were shut, and she felt herself building up fast. “Fuck! Oohh!! Oohh! Oh my god! Jake……. I’m so close! FUCK!!! JAAKKKE!!” She shook hard all over. Her legs flexed while he sucked and tongue fucked her. His face was soaked with her juices. A hard drive from his hot tongue and she felt herself burning. A last flick on her clit and she climaxed! “Ooohh Jake… I-I-I… am… there… oohh!! Ba- byyyyyyy! Oohh!! Haahhhh!!!” She gushed warm clear cum all over his flushed face and lips. She could not stop! She gasped for air as her legs shook on his shoul- ders. They were both sweaty. He licked her slow, cleaning her up with his tongue, drinking her pussy juices to his content. He lifted her from the couch, picked up their clothes and walked her to the back of the room towards his personal office. Both were walking naked in the dimly lit room. Her legs and body were still quivering. He tossed their clothes to the chair. She grinned as he came up to her again. She took his hands and pushed him on his lea- ther chair. A big recliner. He wiped his table free from papers and sat her there just right in front of him. He set both feet on his chair’s armrests and she opened her thighs freely. What he saw was the way to paradise. He inhaled her scent, and urged to taste her again. He dove deep in her wetness and instantly knocked her down his desk. She moaned louder as she felt his mouth and tongue ravishing her –again. She lifted her Angelicka Wallows Angelicka is an erotica writer and the foun- der of My Pouty Lips. She runs a family owned group of companies as an executive director during the day. At nights, she slips in her most erotic lingerie and forgets her busy day by indulging in her passion: eroti- ca and sexy stories. Photos courtesy DDF Productions See more pictures like that