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TOUCH me! Magazine Vol. 1

TOUCH me! I 105 “Can’t help it, I tidied up a bit. You know I don’t like litters.” she replied. “Oh yes. I do know that. And I can’t help but notice how nice this butt of yours look when you bend over” he teased her with a naughty grin on his face. She could not help and grinned. He always knew how to tickle her fancies. “Jake, it’s late. I need to go home and sleep.” “And I know just how to get you sleepy.” he said as he reached for her rounded-firm-butt. His hands caressed each mound; squeezed them, pressed them, rubbed them. “Hmmmmm….” was her soft moan. She stared at his dreamy eyes that told her how he wanted her so bad. She understood how he felt and craved for her. She let him touch her, gentle and hard. He took his time; his hard body started to press against her breasts. His scent instantly swooned her head. Her nipples got hard as he pressed his body harder. They fell on the couch. He pinned her down. There was no escape. He slid off her runners, socks, and ran his big hands on her shapely legs. “Hmmmm…” she cried. He leaned more to her and brushed his cheeks on hers. He kissed her lightly on the cheeks, her jawline, her chin, her neck. She gas- ped. He smiled. His hands ran from her legs up to her thighs, to her butt. He brushed along her smooth freshly shaven pubis with his thumb. She cried more. She moaned so softly that it ignited the fire in him. He sat, slid off his shirt, shoes, and jeans, now naked before her. She giggled. Then he reached for her body. Slipped off the blouse and skirt she wore. She was just in black thongs and push-up bra before him now. He leaned on and started to kiss her deep; hungry! He sucked and kissed her lips. He quenched his thirst. His lips trailed all over her body. Every exposed skin was filled with his hot breath. “I want you so much!” She felt him suck her breast, taking her high pitched voice into a sexy moan. “Ooohhh!!’ she moaned. He slipped off her bra and freed her creamy breasts. So firm and perky, just the way he liked. His hungry mouth took one tit and sucked it hard! She squirmed. “Easy Jake… ooohh!!” she bit her lip as she felt him sucking harder. He went down her tummy, her navel, and finally to her wet cunt. His tongue glided in her wet slit. He tasted her; flicked her clit, and enjo- yed what he found. Fresh from her recent show- er, he found it enticingly warmed up. He pressed his face between her thighs and buried his mouth and tongue deeper in her. Her cupped her butt and ate her pussy like a hungry beast! He gro- aned and roared as she arched her hips to offer him more. Her fingers tangled all over his messy brown hair. She tugged, gripped, pulled his hairs. She screamed! She loved his lips, his tongue, and Photos courtesy DDF Productions See more pictures like that