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TOUCH me! Magazine Vol. 1

104 I TOUCH me! TOUCHDOWN 9 pm on Saturday night, she was wat- ching some Bruce Willis action movie on DVD, her favorite. Just by looking at him made her feel good. And every time he flashed that crooked smile, it made her feel warm. She got up from her big couch wearing nothing but her white tanks and pink tight shorts. She walked to her kitchen and prepared some popcorn. She took a nice iced tea from the fridge. All set for her late night “work” in front of a good movie. She meant to stay up till late. She sat relaxed on her big couch with the TV turned on. She leaned comfortably and rested her head and body. Stretched her shapely legs before her, and took the bowl of fresh pop- corn beside her. She popped some popcorn in her mouth and crunched to the salty-buttery taste, licking her lips each time she swallowed. Sudden- ly, her mobile rang as she was sipping her iced tea. She reached for it on the side table. It was a text message and it read: “Office, now. Deadline chan- ged for tomorrow.” She sighed and sent a reply: “OK.” She had to go. She went straight to the shower, and then got dressed. She left her pad in just a light blue mini skirt and a blouse with a V- neckline. She smiled at the night guard as she reached the lobby, walked out of the building and took a cab to get to the office. Thirty minutes was all it took to reach her office. She walked through the entrance, stepped in the elevator, pressed “4” and leaned back on the lift walls, trying to relax. Ding! The door opened, and she stepped out. Quiet, very quiet. She walked through the hallway, en- tered the spacious reception area and pushed the heavy glass doors. She walked through the room filled with computers. The entire area was dim- ly lit as most people were already out. Probably the others were in the editing room where slight murmurs were coming from. Yes, that was her team. She was probably to sit with them in there too. In she went, and looked for her boss. She stopped at the door by his office when one of the editing staff bumped into her, and pulled her in to the room. “Hey Alecx! Glad you’re here. Come join us in our agony!” one of the staff said to her smiling as she handed her a coffee grande. Once in the room, she saw that only a few were there. There he was too, the boss, who asked her to come by. Hours passed. It was almost 3 am. They called it a night since everyone was tired, and so was she. They packed out stuff and got ready to go. Everyone went out quickly. As she was about to go out too, she noticed that all the coffee cups were left on the table. She could not help cleaning the mess up. She put down her bag on the couch, closed the door and started a quick clean-up. Those boys left cups on the floor too she had to bend over and reached them. She did not hear the door shut and locked since her focus was the floor. She heard footsteps, the light in the room was dim, and she had to adjust to the lighting to see who came in. A silhouette of a man walked towards her, as he came closer she recognized that it was Jake, her boss. “What was holding you up? I’ve been waiting for you outside.” he said. An Erotic Story by Angelicka Wallows,