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Top Secret: How to Eliminate Premature Ejaculation

By on July 23, 2012

Keni Styles shows you in Superman Stamina How To Eliminate Premature EjaculationAre you a sheer victim of premature ejaculation? Do you always wish that you could last just ten or twenty minutes longer in bed? Well, undoubtedly, you are just one of the many who are frustrated and engraved in the premature ejaculation mystery. Eliminating premature ejaculation and pounding a girl like a porn star is not a gift for specific people, nor is it unachievable. Male porn stars are not just gifted with super stamina, they earn it! You can also have that super stamina and give your girl toe curling orgasms. There are just some few secrets that make the utter distinction between studs and duds in the bedroom.

Extend foreplay helps to eliminate premature ejaculation

Often at times, men are faced with premature ejaculation because sex to them is all about vaginal penetration. Well, this is the top reason why they ejaculate prematurely in the first place. The ultimate sexual experience incorporates all parts of the body, from head to toe. So to get most out of a sexual experience and increase your stamina, learn to engage you and your woman in foreplay before the actual penetration. Massaging her is a terrific start. Better still; give her oral sex with uttermost pleasure, making sure you maintain your sexual excitement in manageable levels. Reserve the vaginal penetration for the last breathtaking moments.

Do Kegel exercises

Body control is the ultimate key to total manhood control. Many men discredit these exercises saying they are a woman thing. Well, it tightens the vagina for women during sex, but in men, it assists in ejaculation control. The pelvic muscles are always in complete control of removal of semen from the prostate gland. If you actually find a way to monitor and control your pelvic muscles, then premature ejaculation will be a long forgotten thing. You can perform kegel exercises anywhere, and more importantly, you can perform as many contractions as you wish in just a single day.

Try distinct sexual positions

The traditional missionary sexual position can be thrilling, but it’s exceedingly hard to control ejaculation in this position, particularly if you have premature ejaculation issues. Let the woman take control next time you make love. This position is actually more relaxed, and you will be able to delay and control your ejaculation power. This downward pull control semen production and you will be able to raven up your stamina. There are also other sexual positions that are a bit relaxed, and you ought to employ these until you can control your ejaculation power.

Testicular restraint

Testicular movement may arouse sexual sensation resulting into premature ejaculation. Therefore, you ought to limit testicular movement during sexual intercourse to delay ejaculation.

Having the above tips and techniques at hand is just going half the way to get rid of premature ejaculation. The best way to last substantially longer in bed is by practice. Sensual, pleasurable, and long sexual intercourse is a unique craft mastered by extensive repetition and practice. With, the above techniques and practice, you will slay the premature ejaculation demon, attaining superman stamina.

Learn now how to eliminate premature ejaculation!

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