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Top 25 hottest Fleshlight Girls

By on October 1, 2012

Fleshlight has become one of the most wanted sex toys, and certainly, its popularity has reigned far and wide since its release. Well, many Fleshlight lovers wanted more than the original pink lady, and yes, you can now purchase a Fleshlight molded perfectly from your favorite pornstar’s orifices. Below are the top 25 Fleshlight girls, who you’ve dreamt being with, fooling around with or even fucking. These Fleshlight girls are sexy, hot, beautiful, and probably, their Fleshlight is the closest you can ever get to them.

Fleshlight Girl Nina Hartley 25. Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley aka Marie Louise Hartman is one of the most popular cougars in the porn industry. Nina Hartley is a veteran given that she’s been in the industry since 1984. Did I mention that she’s featured in over 921 adult films? Nina Hartley has big blue eyes that are just prophetic, and her cute ass is so sexy. Nina Hartley is an award winning starlet that has received so much accolades. Nina Hartley, who is now 53, has been in the biz for almost three decades, which I must say, is outstanding. Well, if Nina Hartley has been your favorite pornstar for quite a long time, then you have to get your hands on her Fleshlight.

Nina Hartley has only one Fleshlight: Cougar, which is her signature. Now you can satisfy and fulfill all your cougar/MILF fantasies with this Fleshlight, which I must admit, is the most realistic masturbator and MILF sex stimulator. If Nina Hartley’s adult films just turn you on, then you’ll get wet just by looking at this Fleshlight, which frankly, seems very intense and pleasurable. Get yourself the Nina Hartley Fleshlight and indulge in your craziest and wildest MILF fantasies.

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Fleshlight Girl Ariel24. Ariel

Ariel is a cute European pornstar that has quite an intriguing adult filming career. Ariel Lupin aka Piper Fawn is a red haired bombshell who was born in 1984. Ariel is a green-brown eyed hottie who loves getting naked and being licked and fingered by other girls alike. She’s one of the best glamour pornstars and has worked with FEMJOY, Met-Art and even Photodromm. Ariel is a cute girl that has become extensively famous, and whether she teasing her super hot body or in a threesome with other girls, she still rocks! Ariel is a fast rising starlet, and she’ll be at the very peek of her game in no time.

You can now enjoy Ariel’s charm on a bigger level with her new Fleshlight. The Ariel Fleshlight comes in the variant standard forms of the EU Fleshlight: The primal, the lotus and the vortex. All these sleeves have distinct sensations and they are well worth a try. Indulge in your primal fantasies with the primal Fleshlight and a mind blowing vaginal jerk off with the lotus, or preferably, the intensive vortex. The Ariel Fleshlight looks just like her pussy, and I don’t think you want to miss out on that.

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Fleshlight Girl Suzie Carina23. Suzie Carina

This 1983 Czech born hottie is definitely sexy, and her adult acting skills are just unique. This busty blonde often does softcore stuff, but at times, she turns out be a hardcore slut. Her fans love her when she’s banging some horny guys or when she’s engaging in some solo softcore action. Suzie Carina has a sexy body, a nice, tight ass and yes, she’s damn hot. Suzie Carina is a hot model and pornstar that features in many guys’ fantasy, and while you actually can’t get her to fulfill that wild fantasy, you can get her Fleshlight.

The Suzie Carina Fleshlight is available in the vortex, primal and lotus forms. Well, these are standard EU Fleshlight girl sleeves, but the Suzie Carina Fleshlight is modeled exactly like her cute cunt, and the bumps and teeth-like structures on the primal Fleshlight will give you intense sensations. You’ve jerked off at many Suzie Carina movies, but your jerk off sessions just got better with this new Fleshlight. As a matter of fact, it’s like fucking Suzie Carina’s cute pussy. Rest assured, you can never be wrong with the Suzie Carina Fleshlight.

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Fleshlight Girl Eufrat Mai22. Eufrat Mai

Eufrat Mai aka Eufrat Tenka or Ella is a Czech hottie that joined the porn industry in 2005. This busty brunette has carved out quite an intriguing reputation in the porn industry. This Prague born beauty is a hardcore performer, but she also ventures into softcore porn: lesbian and solo action. This glamorous adult model has worked with notable names such as Met-Art, Brazzers, Playboy, Femjoy and even ATK. If you just can’t stop watching Eufrat Mai’s movies, then am sure her new Fleshlight will be your obsession.

The Eufrat Mai Fleshlight can be ordered in primal, vortex and lotus textures. The Eufrat Mai primal Fleshlight has a swallow insert, with the texture of her beautiful lips, and a vaginal one. The swallow insert is followed subsequently by the lotus node, and when you insert your cock to the last node, then you’ll be screaming with loads of pleasure! The lotus one has Eufrat Mai’s hot pussy, and the vortex gives a bone breaking sensation. The vortex has several bumps, and as you stroke down to the last one, you’ll be moaning with intense pleasure. Don’t believe me? Try it!

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Fleshlight Girl Marry Queen21. Marry Queen

Marry Queen aka Miela is a popular European pornstar, who has not only received astounding attention in Europe, but in the United States as well. The young and vibrant Marry Queen has done softcore porn for Joymii and X-Art, and recently, she did some hardcore porn for Brazzers. This super hottie is one of the sexiest and the youngest European beauties in porn. Miela is a bombshell that many guys would give anything to fuck and be close to, but we all know that can’t happen. However, the Marry Queen Fleshlight is out!

Marry Queen’s tiny pink pussy has been remodeled into a Fleshlight just for you. It is available in the primal sleeve, the vortex sleeves, the lotus sleeve and the mini-lotus sleeve, which is Miela’s signature. The primal Fleshlight will satisfy all your primal instincts, the mini-lotus will give you a wild vaginal sensation, the vortex will give you extreme pleasure and the lotus will give you a mid blowing sensation. Seriously, you’ve got to have the Marry Queen Fleshlight and engage in your wildest fetish and craziest sexual fantasies.

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Fleshlight Girl Carla Cox20. Carla Cox

Carla Cox is yet another beautiful blonde from Czech Republic. The 1984 born bombshell tossed herself into the porn industry in 2006 after working at a clothing store, a skate shop and a bar. Carla Cox has worked as a hardcore actress with notable adult houses such as New Sensations, Video Art Holland, Evil Angel, Devil’s Film, Zero Tolerance and many more. Carla Cox perceives herself as an angel who can get crazy and a devil who can always behave. She’s won a multitude of fans in the years she’s been a performer, and now she doesn’t have just enticing adult movies to give her fans, but her Fleshlight as well!

The Carla Cox Fleshlight come in the primal, the lotus and vortex textures. Carla Cox’s hardcore and softcore movies are a complete turn on, and her Fleshlight is just the bomb. The Carla Cox lotus is a vaginal stimulator that is extremely pleasing. Her vortex Fleshlight has bumps and chambers that make orgasms intense and her primal Fleshlight is the best masturbator if you wish to satisfy all your wild sexual fantasies. Truth be told, the Carla Cox Fleshlight is a male masturbator that is incredibly sensational.

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Fleshlight Girl Puma Swede19. Puma Swede

Puma Swede is a Swedish VNA girl whose gorgeous body tells the tale of a sexy, beautiful woman. Puma Swede is a Finland born beauty that gets as nasty as she wants on cam. Her individual performer website has the wildest and nastiest porn films. Puma Swede was only a girl/girl performer, at least until 2005 when she did her first ever boy/girl scene. Puma Swede’s fans were exhilarated by her first boy/girl film, and it seems there is another reason for them to rejoice: She now has her own Fleshlight!

The Puma Swede Fleshlight comes in four variant forms: The V-Force, the super tight, the Wonder Wave and the lotus. The Puma Swede Fleshlight is a perfect copyright of her super cute cunt, and the sensation is just out of this world. You can go for the V-Force if you wish to feels the bump sensation, or the super tight, or the wonder wave which has been an all time favorite, or the lotus, which gives you Puma Swede’s vagina. Indulge in the Puma Swede fantasy with her Fleshlight and you’ll be enthralled by the mind blowing sensations and the bone breaking orgasms.

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Fleshlight Girl Sara Jay18. Sara Jay

Sara Jay has one of the hottest bodies in porn, and without a doubt, she flaunts it as often as she can. This 34 year old beauty entered the porn business a few years back, and she’s carved out a remarkable impression and name in the quite crowded industry. Sara Jay is vibrant and beautiful. She’s a social media queen too! Sara Jay treasures her fans, and the number of facebook likes and twitter followers she’s gathered over the years is outstanding. If you are a staunch Sara Jay fan, then you can’t deny that you’ve been waiting and yearning for her Fleshlight, and it’s now here!

Sara Jay has her own Fleshlight, with two variant sleeves: The V-force and the Lotus. The Sara Jay V-Force has the combined sensation of the Speed Bump and the Stamina Training Unit. The internal bumps in the V-Force make the feeling intense, and you’ll be on the edge of a mind blowing orgasm with every little stroke. This VNA girl’s Fleshlight is worth the buy, and yes, you’ll be thrilled by the skyrocketing orgasms you’ll get, to the point that you’ll be sneaking it everywhere just to have that sensational feeling.

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Fleshlight Girl Bobbi Eden17. Bobbi Eden

Bobbi Eden is without a doubt one of the best and the sexiest Dutch pornstars. The blonde bombshell started her adult acting career back in 2002, when she was only 22. Since 2002, Bobbi Eden has built her porn career since then and now has a myriad of fans, which would do anything to get her on. This blue eyed blonde has featured in many hardcore and softcore movies. Did you know Bobbi Eden is a Dutch magazine writer? This makes her hotter! Bobbi Eden is a starlet who likes to get wild and nasty to please her fans, and to intrigue her fans even more, she’s released her Fleshlight.

Like all other VNA girls, the Bobbi Eden Fleshlight comes in the lotus and the V-Force textures. Well, the Bobbi Eden lotus Fleshlight is fleshy, fantastic, and yes, it has her cute pussy on it. The V-Force Bobbi Eden Fleshlight on the other hand has small bumps, and is similar to a combination of the speed bump and the STU. This V-Force Fleshlight is so intense and gives a unique and thrilling sensation. Purchase this V-Force Fleshlight and you cock will be busting will absolute pleasure.

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Fleshlight Girl Gabby Quinteros16. Gabby Quinteros

Gabby Quinteros often looks like than hot neighborhood model who can be innocent, but a hardcore slut when she gets on cam. This beautiful Latina has featured in softcore movies and hardcore movies alike, both girl/girl and boy/girl scenes. It’s intriguing that she began her career on the social media, and certainly, she’s risen up to become a porn star. Gabby Quinteros is a cute MILF, a role which she justifies with all pleasure. She’s one of the few Latinas who’ve got it all to be in the biz, and it’s no doubt that her fans adore her. Gabby Quinteros is a web star and a global porn superstar.

Finally, this VNA girl has her own Fleshlight! The Gabby Quinteros Fleshlight comes in the lotus and the V-Force sleeves, which are a must buy if you are a fan. Imagine fucking Gabby Quinteros’ tight pussy! The Gabby Quinteros Fleshlight is a wonderful remodel of her soft, cute cunt. The V-Force has received so many trumpets for its skyrocketing intensity. Gabby Quinteros is sexy, beautiful and hot, and with her Fleshlight, you can fulfill you innermost fetish and all your sexual fantasies.

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Fleshlight Girl Tanya Tate15. Tanya Tate

Tanya Tate is one of the most mentioned names in the biz. This sexy and beautiful British girl entered the porn industry in 2009, and she’s risen to become one of the most sought after MILFs. Even after a few years in the biz, Tanya Tate clearly hasn’t lost her charm. Tanya Tate has received so many MILF of the year nominations. Tanya Tate is a European cougar who acts like a hardcore cougar, which only makes her hotter. Well, if you love Tanya Tate, then you are going to adore her Fleshlight.

The Tanya Tate Fleshlight is available in the lotus, vortex and primal sleeves. This Euro girl’s Fleshlight, particularly the vortex, gives you a thrilling sensation like no other would. The vortex Fleshlight has several chambers with varying diameter and multiple ridges. The Tanya Tate Fleshlight, whether lotus, vortex or primal, is extremely pleasurable. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most sensational Fleshlight in the market, and yes, you’ve got to get one. Tanya Tate is a sexy cougar, and her Fleshlight is just mind blowing!

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Fleshlight Girls Katsuni14. Katsuni

This exotic looking hottie seems to have figured out what it means to be a super pornstar, and yes, she’s one. Katsuni is a Vietnamese/French beauty who has been in the industry for quite a long time. She’s featured in over 200 adult films and movies, and the mass she has as her fans is not at all surprising because she rocks! Katsuni now has her own Fleshlight. The Katsuni Fleshlight, the lotus garden, is probably the best Fleshlight because it gives an enthralling and sensational feeling like no other would. The lotus garden Fleshlight feeling is intense, probably like fucking Katsuni herself.

It’s quite intriguing that the lotus garden offers a sensation that even a real pussy wouldn’t, well, apart from Katsuni’s. The lotus garden has a ribbed, velvety texture, and yes, its latex free, pleasurable and very realistic. Katsuni’s lotus garden Fleshlight is fairly long for all penis sizes, and the entrance is a bit tight, but with a little lube, the masturbation feeling is mind blowing! Haven’t tried Katsuni’s Lotus garden yet? Then you are missing out on the ultimate sensational masturbation feeling.

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Fleshlight Girl Bibi Jones13. Bibi Jones

This vibrant blonde has been the bomb since she joined the industry. The Digital Playground adult actress is renowned for hit porn movies such as The Pill, Nurses 2, Babysitters 2 and many more! Bibi Jones is just 21, and her gorgeous body stands at 5’6 tall. This proclaimed social media queen had got a myriad of fans, and the number of her twitter followers is shocking! Let’s admit it, we’ve all at one time dreamt of fucking this vibrant hottie, but of course that will never become reality, at least not in the present world.

However, Bibi Jones loves her fans, no wonder she couldn’t wait any longer to release her Fleshlight. The Bibi Jones Fleshlight comes in four distinctive forms: the swallow, the lotus, the forbidden and the Bi-Hive, which of course, is her signature Fleshlight. The Bi-Hive is the most intense thing ever, particularly with all the distinctive bumps inside. The Bi-Hive Fleshlight has distinct bump sizes, which build on intensity and sensation with every stroke. Well, you’ve constantly bragged about your superman stamina, why not try the Bi-Hive to see if you can handle it!

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Fleshlight Girl Kayden Kross12. Kayden Kross

Kayden Kross is undoubtedly one of the sexiest chicks in the biz. This busty bombshell set foot in the industry in 2006, and since then, she’s been at the very top of her successful adult acting career. Kayden Kross has worked with leading adult houses such as Digital Playground, Adam and Eve, and Vivid. Kayden Kross is way more than the average pornstar, and not only is she one of the best starlets, but a smart one as well. Kayden Kross has featured in hit parodies and porn movies, and certainly, we love her!

The thrilling news for her loyal fans is that the Kayden Kross Fleshlight has been released! This long awaited Fleshlight comes in one form: The Bookworm, which is Kayden Kross’ signature. It’s not surprising that this self prophesied bookworm has a Fleshlight called bookworm. The Kayden Kross bookworm Fleshlight looks like an inverted stamina unit, but the sensation is much more intense. The bumps and the chambers provide intense sensations with every stroke, and the orgasms are just heavenly! Order the Kayden Kross bookworm Fleshlight today, and you’ll be utterly surprised by its spectacular make and sensation.

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Fleshlight Girl Tori Black11. Tori Black

Tori Black is undeniably a queen in the porn industry because she doesn’t just produce adult films, but enthralling porn films that give breathtaking hardcore and softcore action. The AVN best female performer loves getting naughty and wild on camera, which frankly, makes many wet. This sexy brunette who has a killer ass knows how to give it to her fans exclusively, and sure enough, she deserves all the accolades and praises. Tori Black rose to fame within a few years, and the multitude she’s gathered as her fans is astounding.

Well, if Tori Black is one of your best starlets, then you can’t deny that you’ve had that mind blowing fantasy of fucking her. Sure, this would be a dream that would never come true, but it now can with the Tori Black Fleshlight. Her Fleshlight complements her tight, soft, pink pussy, her super sexy cunt lips and her hot, beautiful ass perfectly. The Tori Black Fleshlight is available in the forbidden, lotus, special torrid and swallow sleeves. This Fleshlight will take you to a world full of wild and thrilling sensations, and believe me; you can never be wrong with the Tori Black Fleshlight.

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Fleshlight Girl Tera Patrick10. Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick, also known as Linda Ann Hopkins, is a hot starlet who has been running her game in the porn biz for quite a while now. This penthouse pet and Playboy model has featured in so many adult films over the years, and I must admit, she’s attracted a myriad of fans. Tera Patrick is not just your casual pornstar as she holds a degree in Microbiology, which just makes her outstanding. For those who love and adore Tera Patrick and are enthralled by her adult films, then you’ll be exhilarated and intrigued to won her Fleshlight. Yes, Tera Patrick has her Fleshlight!

Tera Patrick’s Fleshlight is the precise copy of her hot pussy and her beautiful cunt lips. This hottie’s Fleshlight comes in two distinct forms: The twista and the lotus. Typically, these two distinct Fleshlight forms have different internal chambers and bumps. Truth be told, this Fleshlight corresponds Tera Patrick’s pussy with uttermost precision that you can barely tell the difference! It’s like fucking Tera Patrick right in her pussy! It’s so easy to comprehend why this Fleshlight is extensively popular among men. The Tera Patrick Fleshlight doesn’t just tease your pecker, but it induces intense and breathtaking orgasms like none other would.

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Fleshlight Girl Teagan Presley9. Teagan Presley

Teagan Presley, aka Ashley Erickson, is a beautiful hottie who was born in 1985. Teagan is an anal queen and one of the best performing adult actresses. Don’t you just love how she fucks, sucks and moans on cam? Teagan Presley has featured in so many porn movies, and did you know she’s one of the sexiest and most popular feature dancers in the biz? This starlet knows how to give her fans a mind blowing striptease, and if you doubt me, then go to one of her feature dancing shows!

Presley is unquestionably a sexy, hot starlet, and yes, you can now jerk off using her Fleshlight! The Teagan Presley Fleshlight is available in the variant standard sleeves: The swallow, the forbidden, the lotus, and the special love humps sleeve. If you get wet just by watching Teagan Presley’s porn scenes, then you’ll be stunned by her Fleshlight. The love humps Presley Fleshlight has bumps and chambers which will get you screaming within seconds. The Teagan Presley Fleshlight, especially the love humps, gives anyone a thrilling masturbating experience that is unmatched to another. Doubt it? Purchase it, and you’ll comprehend precisely what am talking about.

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Fleshlight Girl Riley Steele8. Riley Steele

Riley Steele is well known for her perfect, all natural body, which frankly, has made her one of the most sought after starlets in the biz. Riley Steele is a favorite pornstar to many, not to mention the fascinating awards she’s received for the best body, the best sex scene and even the twitter queen. Her intensive popularity reigns far and wide, and yes, we adore her! Riley Steele has a killer body, and sure enough, many have dreamt of sticking their hard cocks in her tight ass and pussy. Well, this dream can now become a stunning reality with the Riley Steele Fleshlight.

The Riley Steele Fleshlight comes in distinctive sleeves including the nipple alley, the swallow, the lotus and the forbidden. This gorgeous blonde’s Fleshlight has been a hit since its release, particularly because of the nipple alley Fleshlight, which has sensitive, nipple-like bumps. These bumps make this Riley Steele Fleshlight one of the best. If you are a Riley Steele fan, then you’ve got to order her Fleshlight now, and even if you are not, you’ll become a huge one after fooling around with this godsend Fleshlight.

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Fleshlight Girl Jessica Drake7. Jessica Drake

This Texas born hottie has been in the porn biz since 1999, but what’s really astounding is how she’s managed to remain at the top of her game till now. Jessica Drake has a sexy body that rocks, and which honestly, always makes her look younger and sexier. This Wicked Pictures contract pornstar has got all it takes to be a super pornstar, and even her crowd of fans can second me on this. Jessica Drake has been inducted into distinct halls of fame, and yes, she’s one of the sexiest MILFs in the biz. At 37, she looks more like a 25 year old!

Jessica Drake now has her Fleshlight! Hooray! The Jessica Drake Fleshlight come in four distinct sleeves: The swallow, the heavenly, the forbidden and the lotus. The heavenly Fleshlight has ribbing, beading and insane windings that will satisfy all your deepest desires. Jessica Drake has received so much feedback for her heavenly Fleshlight, and I must admit, the sensation is truly heavenly. Whether or not you are a Jessica Drake fan, her heavenly Fleshlight should be on top of your next shopping list, and trust me; it’s worth it!

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Fleshlight Girl Jesse Jane6. Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane is a sexy, busty blonde that is renowned for her killer body. The 1980 born starlet has worked with high profile adult houses and has appeared in major adult films. Jesse Jane is a vibrant, hot MILF and her body tells it all. Jesse Jane is an all American girl, whose impressive athletic background seems to explain her astounding body figure. This starlet is one of the sexiest and most popular pornstars, and her crowd of fans couldn’t conquer with me more. She can get as naughty as she pleases, and as wild as she wants when she’s on screen.

We’ve watched this naughty starlet get fucked on cam, but for some reason, this wasn’t enough. Worry not because her Fleshlight is here! You don’t have to jerk off on Jesse Jane films using your hands anymore! The Jesse Jane Fleshlight comes in two variant sleeves: the gauntlet and the lotus. The Jesse Jane gauntlet Fleshlight has several, little bumps that tease your penis, making you feel a unique, mind blowing sensation that is unmatched to another. This Fleshlight girl has a fantastic Fleshlight, whose value is way more than its purchase price.

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Fleshlight Girls Misty Stone5. Misty Stone

This ebony hottie has made it big in the porn biz since she set foot in the industry in 2006. This beautiful starlet is renowned for her feature films such as the Flintstones parody, Young at Heart, A touch of seduction, Panty pops 2 and even unfinished business. Porn enthusiasts love when she gets wild on cam, and even when she’s off cam, she’s still one of the hottest. Misty stone has a rocking, sexy body, and yes, you can now have her Fleshlight! Misty Stone fans have been eagerly waiting for the misty stone Fleshlight and at last, it’s here.

The misty stone Fleshlight can be purchased in the grind N grind, her signature, the lotus, the swallow, or the forbidden/anal sleeve. The misty stone Fleshlight is nothing like those unrealistic male masturbators you’ve wasted your precious cash on. This Fleshlight is great, realistic and so fleshy that you will be struggling to get your hands off it. Her Bump and Grind Fleshlight teases and pleases your cock more than you expect, and the intensity is nerve breaking! Misty Stone is a beautiful pornstar, and yes, her Fleshlight is irresistible!

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Fleshlight Girl Stoya4. Stoya

Stoya is one of the hottest chicks in porn, and every porn enthusiast loves when she fucks and sucks on cam. The award winning starlet is allegedly the first contracted alt pornstar, and she’s way more than just the casual pornstar. She’s creative, and we all love it when she gets rough and wild on the screen. This slutty brunette has gone many porn enthusiasts crazy over her, and it’s understandable because she’s smoking hot! You can get closer and nearer to Stoya by owning her fascinating Fleshlight.

Before the Fleshlight, it was exceedingly hard to get a realistic, sensational masturbator. The Stoya Fleshlight comes in four distinct sleeves, the destroya, the forbidden/anal, the lotus/vaginal and the swallow/oral. If you are that horny guy who drools at the fantasy of fucking the gorgeous Stoya, then you’ve got to get her Fleshlight. This Fleshlight will make you go “Whoa” in seconds, and you’ll be spraying those sperms in a matter of minutes! Isn’t that what you’ve been fantasizing about all this time? Then get the Stoya Fleshlight. Stoya’s adult films are great, and her Fleshlight, sensational!

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Fleshlight Girl Asa Akira3. Asa Akira

Without a doubt, this award winning Japanese hottie has a rocking body and a sexy ass. Best known for her double penetration and anal scenes, Asa Akira is one of the hottest starlets in the biz, not just because of her captivating beauty, but also because of her enthralling adult acting skills. Asa Akira has carved out quite an intriguing reputation in the porn industry, no wonder she has a multitude of fans all over the world. Well, if you are one of those loyal Asa Akira fans, then you really must get your hands on her Fleshlight.

The Asa Akira Fleshlight comes in distinct sleeves: the forbidden, the lotus, the swallow and even the dragon. If you’ve been yearning and fantasizing of fucking Asa Akira’s ass, then purchase the Asa Akira forbidden, her anal sleeve Fleshlight. The lotus sleeve incorporates her tight vagina to give you a mind blowing sensation. Imagine Asa Akira’s fascinating lips sucking you like crazy! You can get this precise sensation with her swallow Fleshlight. Asa Akira dragon Fleshlight gives you the combined sensation of a ribbed sleeve and a vortex. No matter the Asa Akira Fleshlight you choose, rest assured you’ll be screaming and yearning for more!

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Fleshlight Girl Jenna Haze2. Jenna Haze

Jenna Haze is a gifted starlet who started out in the porn industry in 2001, when she was just 18. With the many awards and the accolades she received, Jenna Haze was definitely one of the hottest and the best pornstars in the biz. Too bad she resigned, but her legacy is still carried on by her studio, Jenneration X studios, which is one of the most popular adult studios. Even though you can’t watch Jenna Haze wild in action, you can get the chance to fuck her sexy, pink pussy. Truth be told, you might never meet, let alone fuck Jenna Haze, but her Fleshlight will be as close as you get to this hottie.

Certainly, Fleshlight designers couldn’t put Jenna Haze in just one Fleshlight sleeve. There is the lotus, the special maze, the forbidden and the swallow sleeves, which are all stunning. Now you can invite Jenna Haze to your jerk off sessions, and trust me, this Fleshlight will give you bone-breaking orgasms incomparable to another. The special Maze Fleshlight, her signature, is the best masturbator ever. The Jenna Haze Fleshlight looks great, feels awesome, and if you don’t have one yet, then order it!

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Fleshlight Girl Lisa Ann1. Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann is probably the hottest and the sexiest MILFs in the porn industry, not just because of her enchanting, beautiful boobs, but also because of her wicked and tantalizing adult acting skills. This renowned MILF queen has a drop dead gorgeous body, mouth watering boobs, and a tight pussy. Best known for her numerous MILF awards, Lisa Ann has been in the porn biz long enough to be called a veteran, and yes, people love and adore her! Lisa Ann has given all her fans something to be exhilarated about: Her Fleshlight, which I must admit, is a top seller.

Lisa Ann’s Fleshlight doesn’t just have one sleeve, but four distinct inserts! These include the barracuda, the lotus, the forbidden and the swallow. Lisa Ann turns many guys on with her enchanting boobs and her wicked porn scenes, and her Fleshlight is probably the best thing ever. Whether you are yearning to feel the barracuda Fleshlight bumps teasing your cock or you just wish to fuck her lotus Fleshlight hard, then the Lisa Ann Fleshlight has got it all for you. Purchase the Lisa Ann Fleshlight, and I guarantee, you just won’t get enough.

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