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Teal Conrad: “I am a freak in bed”

By on August 11, 2012

Teal Conrad is spreading her pussy

Teal Conrad is new to the adult business and already selected as Twistys Treat for August 2012. We had the chance to talk with Teal about her first steps in the porn industry and her sexual preferences.


Please tell us about your experience so far in porn industry?

So far I have enjoyed everything about it. I like keeping busy, meeting people, and getting good content out there for all of my fans! Being independent is a plus too.

We have seen various videos where you like to play with yourself. Do you also like to perform with male and female actors?

I do like to masturbate on camera haha. I am starting to like performing with other talent. Of course, the sexy boys!

You have been selected as Twisty treat for august, how does it feel?

It feels great, I am so excited. I couldn’t ask for anything better than this since I am so new to the industry.

What is your wildest fantasy?

I have some pretty crazy ones come to mind when I am touching myself, but right now I really want some airplane sex!

On screen you enjoy a lot with your toy, but what is the most exciting thing about sex which you really love?

I’m sure we all can agree pleasure is amazing, whether it be by yourself or with somebody. Getting intimate with somebody is a little different; I think it’s almost more of a sensation seeing somebody else get off with you.

What is your favourite position and do you like experimenting while having sex with someone?

Doggy! Yes, I actually have been doing a lot of experimenting lately. The last scene I shot are having two positions I have never done, I loved it!


What about anal sex. Have you ever tried that?

Nothing is going up my ass right now. Licking only please ;)

There are lots of girls involved with Twistys, please share your experience so far with this particular website?

Twistys has been really good, I love the photographers with whom I have worked with and their work turns out to be absolutely amazing. I hope to keep working with them throughout my career.

Is there any difference between your on screen personality and off screen personality, if yes, then how big the difference is?

The best way to describe the difference would be that on screen you see what I am like behind closed doors, but I present myself in a professional and classy manner off screen. You wouldn’t look at me and think ‘that girl is in porn’ but I am a freak in bed, that’s for sure.

Sex is the main thing in porn industry, but how much you enjoy sex in real life?

I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it. Off screen is just as great as on screen. I love it all. I enjoy sex just as much as I enjoy helping others get off.

Is there anyone who you idolize in porn industry?

Not really, I am my own person. I learn from others, but I don’t want to try to be somebody else. The adult industry is great because there is something for everybody, no matter who you are, what you look like, or what you are into. That’s the different between mainstream vs. adult. So I believe everybody should just be themselves.

Sex in public. Is it a big no for you or a big turn on, and why?

Considering I have 3 mini vibrators and just bought a converter for my car, so I can plug my hitachi in, I can say I love public masturbation and sex! I love driving with the top in my convertible down and masturbating while I drive. Sex in public, well I would like more of that!

If given an option between oral sex and hardcore sex, which one will, you choose?

Right now for on screen I want to stick with passionate sex, although I like hardcore. I want to just start out slow, I am very young, and still learning. Off screen, give it to me baby!

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