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Richelle Ryan: Exclusive Interview

By on December 2, 2012

Busty Pornstar Richelle RyanBusty Pornstar Richelle Ryan is a red-hot Italian who was born and raised in the beautiful state of New York.


A long run of 6 years, how it feels to be a part of this wonderful porn industry?

Richelle Ryan: I LOVE it!! I seriously have the best job ever!! Getting paid to dress up sexy and fuck hot guys & girls and have orgasms is awesome!!!

On screen you are so much enthusiastic and charismatic, what’s the secret behind this?

Richelle Ryan: I’m like that ALL the time!! Life is too short to be a bitter bitch hahaha

How much you enjoy sex in real life and what is favourite time of day to have sex?

Richelle Ryan: It depends…if it’s a cold & rainy day I could lock myself in the bedroom all day and romp around hahaha but normally I’m a night owl and love to fuck when it’s dark! The freaks cum out at night ;)

You are having a very curvy body, which is very hard to maintain, please tell us how you maintain such a wonderful body?

Richelle Ryan: Lots of hard work!! I am obsessed with Cross fit, I just started doing it about 6 months ago and I love it!!! I also go to the gym and do cardio and abs work plus Bikram yoga about 4 times a week.

Is there anything related to sex which you haven’t tried yet, but would love to try in future?

Richelle Ryan: Anal!! Everyone has been asking when I will finally give up the butt!! Someday it will happen…

Richelle RyanDo you love to play with toys, if yes, then which toy you prefer the most? I love all toys!!!

Richelle Ryan: I own over 100 toys, My favourite has to be my Hitachi, I call that toy my “boyfriend” he sleeps with me every night and always gets me off with no disappointment, I also love glass toys. I have a pink 1 that’s curved and it hits my g-spot

In porn industry, is there any specific actress you idolize?

Richelle Ryan: Not really, I just respect talent in this business that is hard working, takes care of their appearance and that represent the industry well

Now coming to oral sex, please tell us how much you enjoy blowjobs and pussy licking.

mmmmmmm….. I love to suck cock!!! I like to think of myself as queen cocksucker! hahaha I will worship any man’s cock like it’s the last meal I’ll ever get LOL I like to stroke it in my mouth, suck on the balls, swallow it down, and swallow every last drop YUMMMY :) If your eye makeup is not messed up after giving a blowjob then you’re not doing it right!

You are having your own website, what next you are planning?

Richelle Ryan: I love shooting hot content for my fans to enjoy and continuing my Adult career and feature dancing all over the country.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming movies?

Richelle Ryan: I was just down in Miami shooting for one of my favourite companies, Bangbros. I always have a blast shooting for them because they let you go all out and just have fun and fuck any way you want!!

Please share one of your craziest fantasies.

Richelle Ryan: I want a 3 way with 2 twin brothers!!!! They have to be hot and do whatever I tell them to do! Hahaha

In real life, how many times you prefer to have sex in a day, and what is your favourite position?

Richelle Ryan: It all depends on my partner, I am built for speed and have had sex 6 times in a day before, my favourite position is cowgirl! I like to hop on top and take full control of his cock, plus I have the best orgasms when I’m in cowgirl.

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