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Nikki Delano: Exclusive Interview Plus Video

By on November 22, 2012

Nikki Delano in High HeelsNikki Delano is a smoking hot, busty blonde from Brooklyn (USA) who’s an exotic fireball of Puerto Rican, Colombian and Italian decent and literally is taking the Industry by storm. With just a year in the biz, she’s performed in over 100 films for choice studios, websites and cable TV. 2012 has been an amazing year for Nikki Delano. She’s garnered many nominations, including XBIZ’s Best New Starlet and at the Night Moves Awards, Nikki took home the trophy for Critic’s Choice for Best Latina Performer.


You are really taking this porn industry by storm, how you see your progress so far?

Nikki Delano: I am very pleased thus far on my accomplishments. I am content in the short amount time I have been in the Industry I have racked up several nominations, which includes an XBIZ 2012 nomination for Best New Starlet, Exotic Dancer 2012 Awards nominee for Best Adult Movie Entertainer of the Year, and 3 Night Moves Awards nominations for Best Latino Performer, Best Feature Dancer and Best Ass.

You are really putting some real hard work, because it’s only been a year and you have appeared in more than 100 movies. It must be really hard for you to manage time, please share your busy and hectic schedule with us.

Nikki Delano: Discipline is essential when it comes to anything that you do in life. I am very organized, which allows me to get everything done in my hectic life. A normal day in the life of Nikki Delano consists of working out, shooting where a usual day is five to nine hours, tanning, then home and repeat.

You are famous and busy but besides that you also got an amazing figure with shaped boobs and perfect ass, what’s the secret behind this?

Nikki Delano: Nutrition and physical fitness are essential in having a tight toned body. Besides porn, the gym is my second home.

You are very curvy but you also got some awesome flexibility, and together it makes a deadly combo. According to you, which actress is your biggest competitor in terms of curves and flexibility?

Nikki Delano: Thank you! I work out hard and dedicate my life to looking good. My career is based on my image; therefore, I have to stay up to par. As far as competition, the only person I feel that has somewhat of a similar shape and build is Abella Anderson. We are pretty much have the same stats and build.

TOUCH me! Free Porn Magazine Cover Girl Adrianna LunaBefore entering porn, you were an exotic dancer and student of criminology, what attracted you towards porn and how’s your experience in this industry so far?

Nikki Delano: I actually went to college and obtained a Bachelors in Forensic Psychology and double minored in addiction studies and criminology. And prior to the industry, I was an office manager for a non-profit organization in uptown Manhattan, which basically helped the lower class with food and shelter. My experience in porn has been great. I‘ve met tons of new people and have been able to network into other avenues of the industry.

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On camera, you really do some intense hot scenes with awesome expressions, is it completely different from real life sex or very much similar?

Nikki Delano: Yes to some extent, because you have to shoot in awkward angles at times. I‘m a very sensual and sexual person and love engaging in intercourse, so it‘s amazing to feel that penetration whether it be for camera or behind closed doors.

You have developed a new website. Please tell us more about it.

Nikki Delano: My members website is and it consists of never before seen footage exclusively for members. Footage consists of boy/girl, girl/girl and solo scenes. There is a forum on my site, where members can directly interact with me.

According to you, what is the meaning of perfect sex?

Nikki Delano: When two people vibe 100%, and get very intense and passionate to the point where the intercourse feels like you’re in complete ecstasy.

If given a choice between gangbang, anal, lesbian and public sex, then which one would you choose and why?

Nikki Delano: Lesbian, because I love working with women; it‘s a completely different type of feeling than with a male. It‘s very soft and sensual, but when I have intercourse with a man, I like it very hardcore.

What is the most important thing which separates you from other porn stars in this industry?

Nikki Delano: Just being „Nikki Delano“ is what separates me. I am a light-skinned, blonde Latina that is hardworking, dedicated and passionate about my work.

What’s the sexiest and craziest thing, which you have done till now, and is there anything, which you haven’t tried but you would love to try?

Nikki Delano: Having sex in the movie theater in a popular location on Time Square 42nd Street in NYC. It was so much fun and my adrenaline enhanced the feeling. I was worried we were going to get caught, but we didn‘t, and I had some yummy sex while watching “Bad Boys 2” and riding a cock.

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Nikki Delano Video

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