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Interview: Natasha Starr loves it the hard way

By on January 11, 2013

Natasha Starr assPolish gonzo star Natasha Starr (sister of Natalia Starr) loves it the hard way. Anal, double penetration and gangbang are her preferences. Let‘s talk about it!


You have just started in this industry, how it feels to be a part of this wonderful and sexy porn industry?

Natasha Starr: It feels amazing I’ve been wanting to be in the adult industry for many years.I never had someone in my life that supported my choice and it was always an issue until I met my husband.

In movies you enjoy sex, but what about your real life. Are you completely crazy about sex?

Natasha Starr: Yes, I have a very active sex life, everything from love making to getting freaky. My husband and I are swingers so group play is something I enjoy on and off set. There is nothing I’ve done on film that i havent already done in my personal life.

We have seen your anal penetration videos and you are definitely good at it. So please tell us more about it. How much you enjoy anal sex?

Natasha Starr: I do enjoy anal sex on and off film. Especially when Im getting DP’d. I recently started having anal orgasms just amazing.

How much you love to experiment with sex. Is there anything which you haven’t tried yet?

Natasha Starr: I do love to experiment I think at this point I’ve done most of my fantasies. There are a few more hardcore things I want to try later on in my career.

If given a choice between lesbian scene and gangbang scene, which one would you prefer and why?

Natasha Starr: I would choose the gang bang scene. I do enjoy woman and like filming with them but I love cock!! As my website says I am a anal, gangbang and double penetration lover!!

How much you enjoy oral sex and which sexual position excites you the most?

Natasha Starr: I love oral sex both ways I love cock in my mouth the more the merrier and of course love getting my pussy eaten right. I orgasm so good when you eat my pussy!

Please tell us more about your upcoming projects?

Natasha Starr: I’m always working on new content for my site. Most recent shoots have been with Tommy Gunn and Marcus London seperate scenes. I’m in the running for Ms. Rated X Energy. I’m starting to host monthly club events in Hollywood. I have many scenes coming out over the next couple of months. You can always keep up on my projects, movie releases and appearances by following me on Twitter @natashastar69.

You are now having a website, what are your future plans in this industry?

Natasha Starr: I will continue to work on my site Would love to produce and direct movies one day. Before I get there I want to see my name on that nomination list. I want to shoot for many years I have dreams of getting a boob job when Im older and be a hot big boob MILF!

When you are not shooting for movies, how you spend your time at home?

Natasha Starr: When at home im very active I love working out. I do cardio, weights and even work out videos like the Brazilian Butt Lift. During the week you can find me at Pornstar kareoke and the weekends at many clubs in Hollywood. I love to go out dancing.

Do you masturbate a lot in free time? If yes, then which toy you prefer the most?

Natasha Starr: I do masturbate at least once a day. My favorite toy by far is the Hitachi. I have many dildos and vibrating toys and i use them all but the Hitachi is the champ!!

What is your opinion on public sex?

Natasha Starr: Awesome, love it! We are swingers – so having sex in a club in front of a big group watching is great. I shot a live girl/girl scene in the middle of a rave event we had over 100 people watching Im far from shy could shoot a scene in the middle of a packed football stadium.

You are having a very curvy figure, how you maintain such a wonderful body?

Natasha Starr: I maintain my body by eating right, working out on a regular basis and a lot of sex and orgasms. Its hard to maintain a strict diet and workout routine because my schedule varies, but i stay on top of it.

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