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Leyla Black: Exclusive Interview

By on November 21, 2012

Leyla Black High HeelsExclusive Interview with Spanish Pornstar Leyla Black.


According to you, what is the most attractive thing in this industry and why?

Leyla Black: The most attractive thing is the glamour and the photo shoots, I actually feel very good when I see myself on the cover of any movie. I really love this work and I also love SEX.

Talking about your fitness, you are having an amazing body, what’s the secret behind this. Do you work out a lot?

Leyla Black: Thanks a lot for the compliment, I was a professional skater and I used to skate to maintain my fitness, but I don’t do it anymore. But I am very conscious about my fitness because this work requires high fitness level, and I always want to look perfect.

Making a porn movie is not an easy task, so how do you cope up with your hectic schedule?

Leyla Black: I am very hardworking girl, I really hate wastage of time, I am very clear about my goals and I don’t mind working extra to reach my goals. Making a movie is very amazing and I put a lot of effort, so that I can satisfy my director.

In your real life, which sex position you really enjoy?

Leyla Black: According to me, the best position is the doggy style (heheh), I like the entire cock inside my pussy, and I also like to be on top of the guy so that I can move like a little slut (heheh).

Have you ever thought of doing gangbang movie?

Leyla Black: I have never done it. One of the major production companies offered me a role where I had to get fucked by 3 guys, but I rejected the offer. But, I really want to do this kind of scenes, I am a complete nympho, and I would love to have sex with many guys at once. I have masturbated so many times while watching gangbang movies of sasha grey and I think she is fucking hot and she is just a slut like me. Getting fucked by many men is really a dream for me heheh. I have also never tried any sex scene with black men, I would really love that. In Europe, there are not many black men, so I never got the chance to have sex with them. So it’s really a dream for me have a gangbang session with lots of black cock.

What kind of guy turn you on and why?

Leyla Black: Strong guys, tattooed, sensitive, and big cocks (hehee lol).

In this industry, is there any specific male or female actor which attracts you a lot?

Leyla Black: Yes, I like Sasha Grey and Tera Partick, they are amazing actresses with perfect body and perfect face. Tera Patrick is one of the best actresses I have ever known, she is also very intelligent. For sex, I like Abella Anderson because she makes me feel really hot. In actors, I like Mike Angelo, Lexington Steele, and Manuel Ferrara, they are really having big cocks (heheh).

What’s the craziest thing you have done till now?

Leyla Black: In this business I have cum 6 times in one scene hehe LOL so crazy!!

In real life, do you play with yourself watching hardcore porn, or you simply like to use a dildo by imagining something horny?

Leyla Black: I love watching porn, I love to play with myself, because I need to cum everyday… if I am on my bed then I use my hand and I imagine myself getting fucked by many men OR I imagine sucking big black dicks like a slut.
Question 10 – you are definitely gaining popularity, but what are your future plans?
I am working as a director and actress in a popular Spanish company. I like this position because I get the freedom to choose my own scene and I can also choose the actors with whom I want to perform. I am also working with major companies all over Europe, and one day I would really love to work in LA.

If given a choice between big hard dick and juicy wet pussy, which one will you prefer, and why?

Leyla Black: I will choose both because I love big hard cock and juicy pussy, it will be a good threesome for me.

Can you tell us about your upcoming projects?

Leyla Black: My plan is to work really hard, and I really want to work with the entire major production house. Currently, I am doing scenes for a Spanish website.

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