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Interview with Kayla-Jane Danger

By on February 22, 2013

Kayla-Jane DangerIt’s been a long time since you started this career, please share your thoughts regarding this porn industry?

Kayla-Jane Danger: Honestly, my views on the industry currently seem to be a lot brighter than most. Although piracy has screwed us in the past, I think that there is a lot of new opportunity in the world of porn. People are finally realizing that there is more than just the “fuck me sideways” blonde with big, fake boobs, and I like to consider myself part of this new porn revolution.

You have amazing flexibility, what’s the secret behind this?

Kayla-Jane Danger: As a child, I was a gymnast and contortionist. As I got older, I realized all the benefits to being flexible, and managed to retain my flexibility by stretching all the time and sometimes sleeping in really weird positions. I also assume these positions (splits & stretches) while watching TV or doing anything stationary.

Please tell us more about your website?

Kayla-Jane Danger: is my manifesto. It started out as a way for me to express and explore my interest in sensual fetish activities and broaden the horizon of current fetish productions. I have always hated how the fetish world is represented and wanted to share my own beautiful experiences. The site is in its fifth year and has become a true testament to the beauty and erotic sensuality of foot fetish, female domination and other “fetish foreplay”.

When it comes to porn, you are really sensuous in every single scene, but what about real life, are you really that horny in real life too?

Kayla-Jane Danger: I’m a mess! By that I mean I’m horny all the time and that’s probably what led me to playing with girls on camera and making the kind of scenes and movies that I enjoy. Almost anything turns me on; the creative process makes me horny, good cooking, watching my boyfriend workout or just the prospect of having a sexy lady suck on my toes and tongue my arches.

Kayla-Jane Danger

According to you, what is the most attractive part of a woman?

Kayla-Jane Danger: I would say the ass or legs of the woman. If she doesn’t have a good ass or good legs, it ruins everything so I’ll say generally the most attractive part of a woman are her eyes because you can tell a lot about a person through their eyes.

Please share your thoughts about excellent shoes and feet.

Kayla-Jane Danger: I used to hate my feet because, for me, the ideal look was slender/narrow with high arches & the perfect curve of toes. Mine are high arched but triangular in that my heels are narrow but the ball of my foot is on the wider side and my toes are all tiny except for my big toe. But I will say that my arches are better than my toes! I adore them and they are my favorite part of my feet and also the most sensitive.

Please tell us more about your future plans.

Kayla-Jane Danger: For KJD Media, this year will be about DVDs, the expansion of, and writing. Storytelling is a passion of mine and I hope to find as many outlets as possible for the erotic and provocative stories I have to tell.

Is there anyone special with whom you really want to perform on screen?

Kayla-Jane Danger: There are a few such but one that stands out is Malena Morgan. I worked with her on “Kamikaze Love”, the Zalman King film, that we shot last year (coming out on Cinemax in the fall), so we have had passionate scenes together but never for my site. I would love to have her experience this part of me!!

Please share one of your fantasies that haven’t been fulfilled yet?

Kayla-Jane Danger: Probably the only one yet to be fully fulfilled is to have as many girls with all the attention on me! I’m not so selfish in real life, but that’s what fantasies are for–personal fulfillment!

Do you love to play with toys? If yes, then which toy you prefer the most?

Kayla-Jane Danger: I enjoy toys but I wouldn’t say I love them because I would never want to rely on them completely. Luckily, I have a very savvy man but even when we fuck, I love using a toy to experience double penetration or for clitoral stimulation. My favorite “clit tickler” is the little Lelo “Nea”; it’s a powerful little sucker that cups over your clit perfectly so it’s very suitable during vaginal or anal sex as an exterior stimulant! The Evolved Novelties Slenders Wonders is another absolute FAVORITE! It’s great for vaginal or anal stimulation because its slender like the name says and very pliable and bendy so it’s great for anal newbies or for double penetration in tight holes!! They have a Slenders toy that is similar to The Rabbit as well but I prefer the simple, slightly curved shape with the bullet at the head of the dildo.

Please tell more about your upcoming projects.

Kayla-Jane Danger: KJD Media will be coming out with some DVD releases this year, which is exciting. The first will be a re-release of some scenes new to, which tells a story of Female Domination, submission and role-play and will feature myself, Aiden Ashley, Elle Alexandra, Jenna J Ross and Sophia Jade! I am also publishing a novel based on the Zalman King Film “Kamikaze Love”, in which I played Isabel, the provocateur. There will be more DVDs and hopefully more books. I am working on a lot so don’t expect a lull from me!


Some people might think it’s dangerous to go from a gogo dancer, burlesque performer and fashion design and illustration student to being the Queen of Lesbian Foot Worship and soft core sensual scenes, but in less than eight years Kayla-Jane Danger has done it…and without fear making fantasy into her real world. In her previous incarnation, Danger garnered the title Music Video Honey and appeared in over 50 videos for world famous bands. Along with appearing on her own site that she runs, operates and makes exclusive content for, the girl next door with the ALT look has worked with Burning Angel and Sex Art, and been photographed by legendary photographers Holly Randall and Ken Marcus for the multiple times she graced the pages of Hustler’s Taboo. Her site,, features Danger’s perfect legs ass and feet working with some of the hottest girls dreams are made of, and her myriad of high quality fetish and erotic sites that make up her KJD Media network are some of the most popular and original sites in the fetish world. To keep up with her ever-growing empire and exciting new projects including her role as spokes model and participant in the Gold Rush Rally, follow her on Twitter @kjdangerdoll and on Fetlife as TheDangerDoll.