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Get this secret tips and learn how to give a girl multiple orgasms and have her sexually addicted to you for ever!

By on July 23, 2012

2 Girls Teach SexIn the present age, so many men are absolutely clueless about how to raven up their stamina and really get a woman off. Most men don’t even have the slightest clue where to touch their women, let alone make them cum. This can be disheartening and frustrating to any woman, and surprisingly, this is the principal reason why women cheat or leave their men. What happens if we turn the coin and men were the ones who couldn’t get orgasms from their women? Truth be told, men wouldn’t continue dating those women who couldn’t give them orgasms. Whether you want to find the spark in your rather boring sex life or you are intensely worried about pleasing your woman, then there are answers to unlock what seems like a mystery to you. Regardless of your style, size or stamina, you can be a stallion between the sheets and make her have multiple orgasms.

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The myth…

A substantial percentage of men think going down on a woman is the best way to make her orgasm. Well, I cannot completely discredit oral sex because it really works for some women, and certainly, all women like a guys who know how to go down. However, if you want to blow your woman’s mind, then you have to rock her body first. But how do you achieve this? Well, the way to give your woman screaming orgasms is through good old fashioned penetration sex.

Women love penetration orgasms

Truth be told, no matter how much women enjoy other form of sex, they are actually programmed and crave for penetration sex. Many men, however, have given penetration sex a cold shoulder not knowing it’s the genesis of breathtaking orgasms for any woman. The orgasms women get from the mundane penetration sex are actually ten times more powerful and intense then all orgasms aroused by other means. No vibrator or tongue can satisfy any woman’s craving for sex penetration.

Try distinct variations

Often at times, men are aware of the kind of stimulations women like, and sure enough, you can use that knowledge to give your woman toe curling orgasms. If your woman is clitoral, vaginal or G-spot stimulated, then utilize a distinct technique to give her intense, multiple orgasms. Hit that sweet spot, just with a different style and angle, and you will be utterly surprised at the groans she’ll produce.

Make it all about her

Most men are intrigued by their women having multiple orgasms since it upholds and nurses their ego. However, make the moment all about her pleasure. Women have trouble in catching up with the mood, so you ought to make her utterly comfortable and make her comprehend that the night is all about her. You could try bringing her to orgasm even before penetration. Trust me, this will engrave her in the mood, and she will be able to reach exceedingly great orgasm heights throughout the night.

It all takes time..

This is what so many men forget, and certainly, it is the principal reason for lack of orgasms. Trust me, it’s not about size, stamina or style, it’s all about time. It takes substantially longer for any woman to get warmed up and ready for action. So the secret is to go steady, you should never overrule the significance of foreplay. Believe me; foreplay is more than mandatory if you intend to give her wild, multiple orgasms. Always remember that even with new, thrilling techniques at hand, it all takes ample time to please your woman.


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