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Fleshlight Masturbator – An Insightful Guide

Riley Steele FleshlightWhat is a Fleshlight? As the name suggests, this is a kind of adult device for masturbating, often also regarded as an adult toy. However, this is not properly an adult toy; it is just a simple device to aid men who are alone and want to spur their desire for sex and fun through masturbating. This piece of device can bring real fun and cater ultimate satisfaction to any man. You can easily get rid of your boredom through this device as playing with this is not only fun, but also completely safe. While the market is saturated with so many female sex devices, Fleshlight masturbator for males is a revolution in the world of adult devices. If you are interested about Fleshlight girl then you need to understand that this is not about sex devices, rather they are the brand ambassadors for Fleshlight. Here, in this piece of writing, the focus will be on the male Fleshlight masturbation.

What is a Fleshlight? Fleshlight Mastrubator (Pussy)Fleshlight masturbator is known as a Fleshlight or a sleeve or simply as a masturbator. Men who are alone and do not have a companion or men who are too shy to bring these things up in front of their companion, may feel that it is the best thing to tweak their sex life. If you are one of them and are feeling that manual masturbating is not a complete solution for your needs, then you can try this one quite easily. In this context, you also need to remember that, you need to buy a masturbator from a reliable source. This way, you can be sure of the pleasure and the safety. Moreover, it is also true that the concept of masturbator is not very common or old. Men always depended upon a good hand or the escort service, to fulfill their desires. Fleshlight is the company which is going to change the scenario.

Though, Fleshlight is mainly known for its innovative and unique male Fleshlight masturbator, there are other kinds of sex aids from this company. They manufacture a huge range of things that will be enough to end your boredom and help you have complete pleasure. Here you will get to know about not only Fleshlight products and accessories, but also about the brand. You may argue about the requirements of knowing about the history or background of the company, because all you are concerned about is buying the Fleshlight masturbator. If you are thinking in this way, then you need to understand that, it is important to know about the manufacturer of a product that you are going to buy. This is one of the wisest things you can do, because this way, you will have a clear idea about the whole thing and you will be able to choose well.

Now, you will have the description about the Fleshlight masturbator and the company.

Who Created the Fleshlight?


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Fleshlight: some information

What is a Fleshlight? Fleshlight Texture

Fleshlight Texture

If you search the web then you will be able to find a lot of information about the company and it will be pretty helpful for you. Though, Fleshlight is mainly known as the brand of sex toys which are especially designed for the adult heterosexual men, but there are other aspects as well. In this context, you also need to remember that this piece of writing is about Fleshlight masturbator and a step to help you with Fleshlight masturbation, so you will get to know about mainly the devices that will help you with the requirements you have. This piece is also not about the adult sex toys, so you won’t find much information on this topic either. One thing that you need to remember in this context is the fact that, Fleshlight masturbator is not a sex toy; rather it is a device to aid you with the sex acts you can perform without a partner. If you do not have the regular does of sex and you are getting frustrated about it, then you should buy one as soon as possible.

Fleshlight is one of the brands which are well known for its reliability, safety and obviously innovative ideas. For a long time, there were various sex aids and toys for women in the market and companies were not too interested to form something which can help men. They used to depend on the well known, common and traditional practice men indulge into. It is Fleshlight that understood the requirement for men to enjoy more and have complete pleasure. This is the reason, that they introduced their line of Fleshlight vagina and Fleshlight pussy in the market. Initially the manufacturers were not too affirmative about the idea of these devices, but as soon as the products came into the market and men came to knew about it, they started to opt for them.

Nowadays, along with the sex aids of women, these aids for men are also sold in the shops and they are making quite a storm in the market. Indeed Fleshlight is very happy about the reception of the products. Not only that, they are also making quite a lot of profit from the Fleshlight masturbator and other devices for men. Along with the Fleshlight masturbator in regular variation, there are other options as well. So, you can choose according to your taste. If you are a heterosexual man, then indeed your first choice will be the quirky Fleshlight vagina. Apart from that, there is Fleshlight pussy. If you want to try something different, then you can opt for Fleshlight mouth, Fleshlight butt and Fleshlight pink stealth.

These are all the variations of the Fleshlight masturbator. You are free to choose according to your requirements and your taste. If you want to enhance your sex experience and also want to try the most amount of pleasure, then it will be better to opt for every kind of masturbating device you can find with the brand. If you are wondering what these devices are made of, then you need not worry about your safety. They are completely safe and are tasted before dispatched to the shop or to the user. There are ice or crystal see through inner sleeves, which will ensure that your genitalia isn’t harmed or injured in any way at all. It also provides limited edition products, like the blue Avatar like look and many more. There is also something more interesting. The Fleshlight masturbator is also available in the customized version. These devices are modeled after the body parts of the famous porn stars.

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The helpful Stamina Training Unit

Fleshlight Stamina Training UnitIf you are having problem to satisfy your lady, then there can be a lot of reasons behind that. You should not panic, because it may happen to anyone. All you need to remember that, you need more practice. In most of the cases, you get off earlier than your or your lady likes because of excitement or just because you were not prepared enough. In this context, you also need to remember that, the modern life is extremely stressful and hectic. So, it can be possible that you are not getting enough sleep or rest and that is affecting your capability in the bed. You may realize it or not, but this can be a very big reason. If this is the reason, then all you need is to opt for something which will be able to help you increase your stamina. You may think about the Fleshlight masturbator or the Fleshlight masturbation devices, but they are not going to help much.

What you need to understand that masturbating won’t help you much in this matter. You will need something different and something more helpful. That is why, Fleshlight has the Fleshlight stamina. This is the device which will help you to build and increase your stamina and it will help you a lot to perform well when you are going to bed with a lady next time. It won’t matter if your bed is already on fire and your partner is going to completely wild. You will be able to satisfy her and perform better than ever. So, you can go and buy Fleshlight stamina for yourself today.  Along with that, you also need to remember that, only the device won’t be all, you will need something else too. This something else is known as the Fleshlight stamina training. This will help you to increase your stamina. Moreover, it will be like your guide in this matter.

If you search the internet, then you will find that, there is a lot of Fleshlight stamina training providing, but you need to rely on one which will provide you with the bet suggestion. If you have bought Fleshlight stamina unit and are at a complete loss about what to do with it, then you need some guidance. It is just like the regular Fleshlight masturbator. The only difference is, it comes with more ridges and beads and also has a suction action which will be helpful for you. One thing that you need to remember is, the lube you are going to use must be water based. If you use something else, then your Fleshlight stamina unit will be ruined. If you do not want to buy another one in a hurry, then you need to remember these simple but important things.

After you will start using it, you will find that it can tease and test your manhood more than anything you have ever experienced. If you can manage 10 minutes in the Fleshlight stamina unit, then you will last more than 20 minutes in the real situation. So, you never have to feel embarrassed or frustrated because you cannot hold longer and cannot provide pleasure to your woman. The Fleshlight stamina unit and the Fleshlight stamina training will prepare you for the real action, because you will be trained to control yourself. This way, you will be able to take charge of the situation, if you want to have a more humanly feeling, then dip your Fleshlight stamina unit in warm water and then practice. It will feel nicer.

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Make your own Fleshlight

Build your own Fleshlight

Build your own Fleshlight (click to enlarge)

If you have used fleshlight earlier and you think that you need something special this time, then you must try building your own fleshlight. All you need is to select the right sections according to your choice. There are basically three major steps involved in this process. First of all, you need to select the case colour. There are various case colours available on the website and you must choose one of those colours, which appeal you the most. There are some colours which turn out to be completely distracting and one must avoid such colours.

Secondly, you must choose the perfect orifice which means that what portion you would like to select for penetration. Basically, there are three portions available like mouth, anus and vagina. Generally, guys go for vagina but some do prefer to try out different things. Going for mouth is also a good option because it will give you a complete experience of blowjob. You can even choose anus if you like to do it rough.

And then after choosing the orifice, you will get to the next step, and that is texture of the fleshlight. There are six textures available for the inner texture and you must choose among them carefully. These textures are built to enhance the pleasure and they are having specific roles. Each texture is different from one another, and one must choose according to his liking. These textures are super tight, vortex, ribbon, speed bump etc. these textures comes into action after your dick is inside the fleshlight.

So if you are bored with normal stuff and if you want to try something exciting and new, then you can create your own fleshlight with these available options.

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The Fleshlight Girls

Jenna Haze FleshlightIf you are interested about Fleshlight girls and are thinking it to be some special masturbating device for women, then you are quite wrong. It may feel astounded but a Fleshlight girl is actually an ambassador for the brand. If you are feeling more confused about this, then it is time that you have a clear idea about the whole thing. It is true that, Fleshlight girls are brand ambassadors for this brand of sex and masturbating devices, but they are quite different from the regular kind of brand ambassadors you are familiar with. They are associated with the pornographic industry. It may sound unusual, but if you delve deeper, then you will feel that they are the most obvious choice for devices like Fleshlight masturbator or other devices associated with Fleshlight masturbation and Fleshlight sex. This may sound little quirky and something like hypocrisy, but it is true. A lot of people use devises like Fleshlight masturbator.

Both male and female members of the family derive pleasure from these devices. It may not be the common picture at every household, but in most of the cases, this is the truth. So, they are aware of these devices and they are also benefited by these devices, the only problem is, they are not ready to talk about their experience or preferences. Along with that, they are also not comfortable to talk or discuss about them. So, it is not actually possible to get the regular people work as the brand ambassadors of a brand like Fleshlight. This is a job that suits those people who are inhibition free and who won’t feel guilty talking about the devices and their functionality. This is why the pornographic actresses are the best bet this brand or any other brand, making same products have.

Currently, there are a lot of Fleshlight girls and they are endorsing the brand with much dedication. Most people may deny this fact, but they do watch porn and these girls are indeed like celebrities to them. So, using these girls from the porn background is the best choice the company have, because they have the same effect on people like the other celebrities. Right now, there is a bunch of Fleshlight girls who are endorsing the products. It is the job of a Fleshlight girl to educate the buyer about the new product and egg him or her to buy the product. The current bunch of Fleshlight girls working for the brand are, Riley Steele, Asa Akira, Tera Patrick, Lisa Ann, Katsuni, Jesse Jane, Stoya, Teagan Presley, Tori Black, Jenna Haze and Misty Stone.

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Vstroker: The New Offering

Fleshlight Vstroker

Fleshlight Vstroker

If after the use of Fleshlight masturbator for some fun and Fleshlight stamina unit for increasing your stamina and power, you want to enjoy something more unique and self satisfactory, then the Vstroker is the option for you. This is the latest release from Fleshlight and it is quite capable of fulfilling your wildest dreams. This is basically the best virtual sex system in the world. If you are not aware of this concept, then you will require a little explanation. If you are alone and want to make thing hot and spicy, then Vstroker will be the best option you can have. All you need to do is to attach it to you PC and the fun begins. You can use it with you regular Fleshlight masturbator too.

All you need to do is to replace the regular cap of the Fleshlight masturbator with the Vstroker cap and you will be able to enjoy your time with the device. This will help you to measure your strokes and your speed. Every penetration you are doing, will be transmitted to your PC and you can compare your performance too. Along with the transmission, you will also be able to stimulate the Vstroker enabled content. This way, you will have access to a lot of women, or rather their virtual self. You can have as much sex you want. There will be the pictures and the sound effect to. You will feel the excitement and your pleasure will be a lot better than before. This is the way of Fleshlight sex and you can enjoy it as much you want. The best part of the Fleshlight sex system is the fact that, you will be the controlling factor. Yes, you will be able to control everything.

More information about the Vstroker can be found here

Lube and Care for your Fleshlight

Fleshlight Fleshlube Water

Fleshlight Fleshlube Water

You cannot use the Fleshlight masturbator device without the help of lube. If you can, then it is not ideal. That can be harmful for you genitalia and you can end up sustaining injuries on your genitals, which can be really painful and unhealthy. So, you need to use lube. In this context, you need to remember that, you cannot use every lube that come to your way or are available in the market, you need to use branded and water based lubes. These are the best lubes for your Fleshlight masturbator and they will keep your device active for longer. If you want to use something else, then you should not because than ruin your device completely. As you are going to use the device to your most intimate part of the body, you need to be careful and should use things that won’t harm you in any way.

Using the correct kind of lube is also a part of taking care for your Fleshlight masturbator. Apart from that, there are other steps also and you need to follow them in order to keep your device active and safe for a longer period of time. In this context, you need to remember that, though you may control the situation completely, still there can be cases when you lose the control and end up ejaculating inside the Fleshlight masturbator. So, you need to be careful and keep the device clean. You need to clean the device with fleshwash. This is an anti-bacterial cleaner for the device. This will make sure that your device is always clean and completely safe. Apart from that, there is the Fleshlight renewing powder which will help you to use the device for longer period of time. Your Fleshlight masturbator may lose some of its softness after prolonged use, this powder will bring that back.

So, this was the information required the Fleshlight masturbator and the Fleshlight masturbation system. Hopefully, this information will be able to help you in your choice and maintenance of the product.

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