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Enter ‘Vivid Touch’ – The World That Opens the Doors for Pleasure

By on September 26, 2012

Vivid_TouchApple Smatphones got the latest enthralling gesture from the world’s leading adult film production studio, Vivid Entertainment, in form of “Vivid Touch”. This is a simple domicile based downloadable mini browser for your apps connected to sexy movies and clips. Showcasing the hottest videos right in front of you, it is mainly design for latest Apple devices, and it debuted with the cult spreading iPhone 5.

Steven Hirsch, founder and co-CEO of Vivid group entitled the beginning of Vivid Touch as the multi faceted unique browser that brings users close to sexy world of adult videos. This is unique in a way that it does not require any downloadable external program. This makes downloading of videos super fast and hassle free playing with full pleasure. Recently, referring to the unique features of Vivid Touch Steven Hirsch says, “Up to now it has been notoriously difficult to create adult-related web apps for Apple products, but we have found a way to do it. We’re rolling it out first for Apple products, but an Android version is in development.”

Some of the key features mentioned by him included the automatic update option with super easy video playing option. More than 9,450 individual movie shots are offered to people who attach to the Vivid Entertainment website. This is like using an app just on your device without any download or waiting system. Moreover, the updates are automatic in nature to support the app atmosphere. Adult sector has seen this kind of initiation for the first time and Vivid Touch is the leader in the entertainment sector of adult world.

“Vivid Everywhere”, the tool that is exclusively featuring on iPhone 5 has taken people with amaze. Web based navigation consortium is available for easy browsing. In fact, you don’t need to search for latest inclusions as it is automatically going to be present on a single touch. You just need to access “Vivid movies” on the browser known as Vivid Touch. This is available for tablets and smartphones along with all iPhone of latest models. Due to huge demands, iPad has also been supporting Vivid Touch and gaining popularity. Another intrinsic feature of Vivid Touch is that it does not use your device space for storage of software. Running on cloud system has given a positive background to it and you just need to visit from your device and provide your valuable feedback as well on

About Vivid

Year 1984 marks the beginning of Vivid with high quality international erotic film entertainment. The world that was never seen or experience before offering sexual pleasure just by the sight. Vivid Movies have made their excellence with an innovative strategy for marketing their product along with a whole range of services. CEO Steven Hirsch is a known name today and has won many awards for Vivid including first AVN Visionary Award for propelled innovation in year 2012. Some of the most famous and popular products of Vivid Entertainment include Super XXX Heroes parodies and full length feature films with celebrity sex tapes.

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