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Britney Amber: Interview with one of the sexiest Pornstars

By on January 11, 2013

Britney Amber spreadingAdult star Britney Amber might be one of the sexiest and most booked girls in the industry, but she has the look of a classic mainstream Hollywood star.

How is your experience so far in this industry?

Britney Amber: It’s awesome! I couldn’t ask for a more fitting job/lifestyle for myself. I plan on riding this wave until the end!

So far, you have gained a huge demand in this industry. How does it feel to be so popular and what are your future plans?

Britney Amber: It feels great to be doing well. I want to be in the industry as long as I possibly can, so being popular is definitely an important component.

Your scenes are very hot and appealing, how’s your real sex life?

Britney Amber: My real sex life is better. I cum faster and harder from anal sex, which isn’t on film yet. I plan on doing more anal scenes this year!

Can you tell us more about your upcoming projects?

Britney Amber: In February, “Barb Wire XXX” (a parody) will be released! I play Barb Wire (who was played by Pamela Anderson in the Hollywood movie) and have 2 boy/girl scenes! Also, I have been shooting a lot of content for my site BRITNEYAMBERXXX.COM!

Some people say that you have a lovely ass, while some debate over your boobs.

Britney Amber: Of course, I love both my tits & ass, but my face takes the cake! Tits and ass only go so far, without the bright beautiful star on top ;-)

While having sex, describe one thing that you enjoy the most and why.

Britney Amber: I enjoy clitoris stimulation and recently, I’ve gotten into anal! When I’m doing cowgirl anal, that position works my g-spot and my clit, and the way it’s meant to be worked!

Please share your opinion regarding oral sex and how much you enjoy it.

Britney Amber: I like receiving more than giving. I really enjoy oral sex, even though it usually takes at least 20 minutes to cum if you’re doing it right. But, some guys like to be down there for a long time anyways, so in that case it’s win-win!

Between anal, gang bang and deep throat, which one would you prefer and why?

Britney Amber: Definitely, anal! I’m not into gang bangs, and I don’t like being gagged with a dick because that usually makes me throw up. But lately, I love doing anal! Cowgirl anal is my new favorite position, and it make me cum so quick!

Please share the secret behind such a lovely figure.

Britney Amber: I usually work out 2 to 3 times a week. I also take pole and burlesque dancing classes. I use to have a pretty strict diet, which I gave up months ago. So now, I am eating whatever I want, like sushi and In & Out burgers.

Please tell us something about your personality. What you like to do in your free time?

Britney Amber: I’m very restless, anxious, and frivolous. I have a very short attention span and my short-term memory almost scares me! I never watch TV; in fact, I don’t even have cable hooked up to my TV. I used to shoot photography in my free time, which I rarely have anymore.

Please share a fantasy of yours, which has not been fulfilled yet.

Britney Amber: I have always wanted to be DPed, but the right situation has never came up. I willeventually do it on film, so I know that fantasy will be fulfilled sometime in the near future.

What is your opinion on public sex? Have you ever tried it?

Britney Amber: I think public sex is definitely a fun, adventurous activity for couples. And yes, of course I’ve had public sex many, many times, but these days, I’m having more sex than when I was a teenager.

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