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By on December 26, 2012

Badoink Badoink GirlIn the ever-changing world of adult videos, porn, and xxx content, the technology behind it and the videos of course has constantly been updated throughout the years. It used to be where if you wanted to watch a porn or xxx video, you would have to go to a dark theatre somewhere and watch it there. The advent of the VCR player brought porn and adult videos to the home and made it a lot easier to watch your favorite film. DVD’s then came along and now the Internet. Now with the Internet so widespread, the evolution of mobile, smartphone and tablet technologies are causing websites and porn sites to adapt or die to the changing porn customer. One company that has seen this and come out with a top-notch site for members to join and enjoy on ANY platform is



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BaDoink_WebsiteBaDoink works on a wide number of devices

BaDoink is a not just an average porn site with videos for members to enjoy. First, they realize that their members want to enjoy their content on ANY platform available and have made that simple via desktop, laptop, mobile (iPhone, Android), tablet (iPad etc.), and any other accessible device to enjoy. BaDoink has seen that their customers come to their site from a wide number of devices and with that has upgraded their site to help their customers watch the content they’ve paid for and enjoy. That in it separates them from many other adult and porn sites across the Internet today, as they respect their customer and want to help them view their content. As the number of smartphone and tablet customers grow at a ridiculous rate, the need for companies to allow these customers to view their content from those devices is highly important. If you are not at your PC, then why limit the viewing?

Badoink AppBaDoink App or BaDoink LITE (without installing an App)

When you first go to BaDoink and become a member, there are a few different options available to you. First are the site choices, as you can use the “BaDoink Lite” or you can use the “BaDoink Ultra” version of the site. The lite version of the site allows you to view the videos and site as usual, as one would expect. The Ultra version of the site involves downloading a small App to your PC, Mac or mobile device and now a number of upgraded features are available. Those BaDoink Ultra App features include streaming videos to your TV, burning custom DVDs, private browsing, being able to send your downloaded videos to iTunes, and a download manager. So, it is well worth to download the small plugin for the maximum BaDoink experience. The TV experience is compatible with Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Boxee, Apple TV, and other devices.

BaDoink offers over 55,000 DVD’s and HD Videos

Badoink_DVDsSo, enough with the technology part of the site, how is the porn? The BaDoink site has over 55,000+ DVD’s and HD videos on their site and has a constantly updated DVD collection added on a daily basis. This will allow even the most experienced porn viewer to get a never-ending collection of DVD’s to enjoy from them. If you are looking to simply view the videos on BaDoink, then they make that very easy as well. Either the lite or ultra methods allow for streaming of the videos either in the entire movie format, or separated by scenes. We found that the streaming took place almost immediately and the video quality was excellent. In addition, HD videos on the site streamed well and had dynamic quality and resolution. Members wanting to download the videos to their device are able to do that with ease. On the computer end, just click download and they immediately start downloading to your device. With mobile devices, by downloading a third party app it enables you to download the videos to your device for watching. Mobile device members however can start watching the videos almost immediately as well via the streaming options.

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Burn your own DVD or stream BaDoink videos to your TV

There are several channels available as well on BaDoink. Initially the DVD library is the first channel, but others include a HD One channel with full HD scenes, productions from the BaDoink Studios with complete HD and orgasmic videos to enjoy, a GF uploads section with girlfriend uploaded content, a my favorites area, and a live chat area with members and women to chat with for additional charges.  There is also a Library section on BaDoink which has a my library for your videos, a player section which is enabled via the BaDoink Ultra App, and a downloads section for your downloaded videos. Lastly, the two other plugins for BaDoink appear with them being the EasyBurner and EasyOnTV apps. The EasyBurner Plugin allows for easy burning of scenes and videos to your own DVD”s, and the EasyOnTV app lets members play the videos on their TV device as mentioned earlier.

BaDaoink offers a ton of different niches and categories

Badoink on iPhoneOverall, BaDoink is a site that definitely gives its members a choice in viewing its always updating site and that is a great thing. With a vast catalog of choices to choose from, in a ton of different niches and categories, BaDoink gives members many videos to enjoy in their membership. BaDoink gives members an easy way to watch and enjoy the content, multiple forms of ways to download that content, and numerous ways to watch that content, and many porn sites cannot say that across the Internet today. Too many different porn and adult sites either constrict the videos to outdated formats or do not allow for downloading of scenes to their devices, and BaDoink definitely does not do that at all.

Badoink devices PC Mac iPad iPhone Android

BaDoink offers a 24h Trial

With 24/7 customer support, multiple plugins to enjoy the adult videos, iTunes integration to your iPhone, iPad, or other device, and over 55,000+ videos and DVD”s at last count, BaDoink will be around for a while and is proving to be a contender amongst the big names of adult websites and porn sites to keep an eye on. Hot videos, intense sex, a vast DVD collection to stream, and an excellent appreciation for the member will keep BaDoink growing members and adding to that catalog day by day. It is well worth joining today and watching each video one by one.

BaDoink offers you a free / 1 USD trial with unlimited free access to for 24 hours. Check it out!

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