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TOUCH me! Magazine Vol. 1 Cover Malena Morgan

At TOUCH me! Magazine, our mission is clear.  Our goal is to provide the top quality entertainment for adults through our Interactive Porn Magazine.

We have exceeded our customer’s expectations as well as our own.  Our porn magazine fits a unique genre in the adult industry.  In order to do this, we needed two things to happen.

First, we needed excellent content.  As a porn magazine, we provide high quality articles and entertainment for our visitors and customers.  Inside each issue, we provide adult content such as interviews with porn and adult industry stars.  We also provide reviews of movies and websites. Articles are found on dating and sex issues for adults.  And of course, as an porn magazine, we provide photo galleries and videos.  Each issue is carefully screened by our International Editorial Staff, and is indicative of quality in each issue.

Second, we needed to make sure that each digital edition works on all electronic platforms. TOUCH me! Magazine works on phones, desktop and laptops, and tablets. Our interactive format provides high quality adult entertainment on all electronic formats.  Whether you have an iPad, Android, or iPhone, you will find each issue easy to use.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, TOUCH me! Porn Magazine does the unthinkable. We give each issue away for free to our customers. Sign up is free and delivery is automated, right to your phone, tablet, or computer month after month. Take an adventure and see where the future of adult entertainment is going.  Right to the palm of your hands.

free interactive porn magazine


TOUCH me! is the premier free porn magazine only published digital. It’s designed for a fully interactive experience. The magazine contains free porn photos & videos, interviews, website & movie reviews and much more.


porn for iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, Mac and WebWORKS ON ALL DEVICES

TOUCH me! Porn Magazine is specially made to read and watch on your devices. It works on smart phones, tablets and desktop. You can easily download the magazine first and then read it later offline. And of course, you can always watch it online.


Digital Porn Magazine

  • 100% FREE downloadable/viewable. NO Creditcard required!
  • TOUCH me! has the look of a Print Porn Magazine but it’s even more.
    It contains interactive Elements (Movies and Galleries)
  • Issued bimonthly

More than 100 pages free Porn

  • Erotic & Hardcore Photo Galleries and Videos
  • Interviews with Pornstars
  • Porn Website & Movie Reviews
  • Dating & Sex Life
  • and much more!


FREE Subscription

TOUCH me! Porn Magazine ist 100% free for everyone. You can sign up with your Email. There is no credit card needed. [/service][/column]

Watch online and offline

Enjoy TOUCH me! Porn Magazine on the internet or download every issue to your device. You also can save it to homescreen (it looks like an app when you do this)

One for all

We believe that possibility to watch a digital porn magazine on every device is important. That’s why you can enjoy TOUCH me! on iPad, iPhone, Android devices, PC and Mac.

Fully interactive

Because of the fact that TOUCH me! is from the ground-up a digital publication, the magazine is specially made for an interactive experience (galleries, movies, links etc.)

More goodies

We also have planned to publish some sexy Photo eBooks and Special Editions to the most wanted porn niches. Of course for free!


The free subscription also allows access to the archive, where you can find every back issue from TOUCH me! Magazine. Reading porn magzines never was so easy!