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9 Pornstars Who Rock Social Media

By on September 23, 2012

Without a doubt, the social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) has become an incredible channel for strategic and effective communications for many people, particularly pornstars. Being a pornstar takes more than just good adult acting skills. Being a real porn star involves engaging your fans in your endeavors, and that’s what porn lovers find intriguing about their favorite pornstars. Porn enthusiasts and fans love when they can communicate and have a better glimpse of their favorite pornstars, and the following babes are social media queens. These hot chicks comprehend the significance of social media, and sure enough, they are rocking our world!

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Tasha Reign9. Tasha Reign

Tasha Reign is a 23 year young pornstar, particularly known for starring in Anchorman and American Dad porn parodies. Tasha, who works as a model for Penthouse and Playboy, has also featured in Japanese Fetish films, which she says, are absolute fun to act in. Tasha is slowly building a veritable social media profile, and she’s already has 21,352 tweets and 101,426 followers on twitter. Tasha Reign is one of the biggest upcomers in the porn biz, and don’t be utterly surprised when she not only becomes a queen in porn, but in the social media as well.

Tasha Reign on Twitter
Tasha Reign on Facebook
Tasha Reign Official Site

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Tori Black in High Heels8. Tori Black

Tori Black is one of the most popular, most sought after starlets in the porn biz, probably because she’s one of the best. Among many awards, Tori Black scooped the AVN 2010 and 2011 awards for female performers of the year, which evidently, proves what a super porn star she is. Tori Black has 203,985 followers on twitter and around 13,000 likes on facebook Tori Black is also on MySpace, and she tweets and facebooks whenever, wherever. She’s a porn queen and a social media star, which I must say, only makes her hotter!

Tori Black on Twitter
Tori Black on Facebook
Tori Black Official Site

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Nikki Benz7. Nikki Benz

Nikki Benz is undeniably one of the hottest stars in the porn biz, and her big, sexy ass tells it all. This Ukraine born pornstar has taken her adult acting career to the next level, utilizing the social media as the perfect tool to chat with her fans, which explains the incredible popularity she’s gained in just a year. Nikki Benz has close to 75,000 likes on facebook and 254,313 followers on twitter. Moreover, she has 47,057 tweets, which is particularly outstanding. She has a remarkable number of followers, and who knows, she might rise to be the social media queen in no time.

Nikki Benz on Twitter
Nikki Benz on Facebook
Nikki Benz Official Site

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Sara Jay6. Sara Jay

Sara Jay is a cute, 34 year old bombshell that has an outstanding career as an adult film actress. Sara Jay has featured in softcore solo adult films to hardcore films, which only pronounces her flexibility as an actress. Sara Jay, who has been in the biz since 2001 is using the social media to her advantage, spending whatever free time she has chatting with her fans. With a remarkable 261,742 followers, 48662 tweets on twitter and an outstanding 142,325 likes on facebook, Sara Jay is undoubtedly a social media star and without a doubt, a web queen!

Sara Jay on Twitter
Sara Jay on Facebook
Sara Jay Offcial Site

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Vicky Vette5. Vicky Vette

One glance at Vicky Vette and you wonder what she does to stay so young and vibrant. Vicky Vette is a big boobed MILF that is unquestionably one of the hottest in the biz. Did I mention she’s 47? Yes, this sexy blonde is 45! Unlike other MILFs who think tweeting and using social media is a thing past their age and particularly overrated, Vicky Vette runs the social media caravan, always chatting and keeping her fans abreast with what she’s been upto. With 328,779 followers and 57,769 tweets on twitter, Vicky Vette is a social media star, and one of the best.

Vicky Vette on Twitter
Vicky Vette Official Site

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Gabby Quinteros4. Gabby Quinteros

Gabby Quinteros is a popular pornstar, not only because she one of the hottest and sexiest Latina pornstars in the biz, but also because she’s a social media star. Gabby Quinteros, who is acts as one of the hottest MILFs in the industry loves adult acting and her fans. She finds ultimate pleasure in reaching out to all her fans through the social media, which is evident in her social media account. Gabby has a stunning 350,277 number of followers on twitter, which is quite remarkable. Thanks to her petite shape, un-aging skin and her sexy body, Gabby still runs the game, not just in porn but in the social media as well.

Gabby Quinteros on Twitter
Gabby Quinteros on Facebook
Gabby Quinteros Official Site


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Alexis Texas in Stockings and High HeelsAlexis Texas3. Alexis Texas

Alexis Texas is one of those drop dead gorgeous chicks who have got the hottest bodies in porn. Alexis Texas stands tall at 5 foot 8 inches with amazing measurements: 34B-23-42. This Texas born babe aka Buttwoman is increasingly popular not just because of her sexy butt, but because she finds time in her busy schedule to tweet and even facebook to her fans. With 323,755 followers on twitter and 132,407 likes on facebook, Alexis Texas is a social media superstar, and clear enough, she is making huge strides in the social media, threatening to take the crown of the social media queen real soon.

Alexis Texas on Twitter
Alexis Texas on Facebook
Alexis Texas Offcial Site

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Lisa Ann2. Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann is probably the hottest and most wanted MILF in the industry. The award winning adult actress has body measurements of 38DD-20-34, which are more than perfect for any mother, let alone a woman her age! Her resemblance to Sarah Palin has boosted her career, and her social media accounts have taken her adult acting career to unbelievable heights. With 31,435 tweets and 323,765 followers on twitter, she’s more than a social media queen. Amazingly, Lisa Ann also has 105,533 likes on facebook, and as days go by, her followers are increasing. Her social media use profile is simply remarkable!

Lisa Ann on Twitter
Lisa Ann on Facebook
LIsa Ann Official Site

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Bree Olson1. Bree Olson

Best known as the goddess of porn, Bree Olson is one of the sexiest chicks in the porn biz. With over 230 adult films since 2006, Bree Olson has won many awards since 2007. Although Bree Olson claims to have retired from the porn biz, citing her last adult film being released in 2010, she’s still a pornstar that many still cling to. Bree Olson has long been using the social media as her road to stardom, and sure enough, she’s succeeded! Bree Olson has 54,895 likes on her facebook page and 381,661 followers on twitter. Undeniably, she’s the real queen of social media! (Picture courtesy of Bree Olson)

Bree Olson on Twitter
Bree Olson on Facebook

Bree Olson Official Site

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