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50 Shades of Julie Simone

By on September 24, 2012

50 Shades of RedPorn Industry has seen a latest buzz with “50 Shades of Red” starring the stunning fetish superstars Rebecca Reynolds and Julie Simone. Te film revolves around fetish hardcore porn and BDSM like never before. Brutal sex has taken a different toll with Julie Simone being push for force dildo, handcuff hostage, slut sex, hair tied, wax torture, foot gaggling and clothes tearing. More than that, 90 minutes of spanking and caning brings fetish world to a different level. Red wax play is the climax shot of the film and Julie Simone has done it again with the amazing script and direction. The action sex trailer is available exclusively here.

Speaking about the domicile grounds of Bon-Vou, Julie Simone says, “The thing I respect most about Bon-Vue’s business model is their unwavering commitment to distributing real BDSM. The consumer doesn’t want watered down fluff, they want hard and heavy action which I’m happy to deliver; it’s what turns me on the most.”

Same with the go, owner of Bon-Vue George says, “Award-winning director Julie Simone has always been a heavy hitter. Her sub work is always intense and this is one of the most intense videos I’ve ever seen her do. We’re happy to be doing business with her again.”

About Julie Simone

Fetish Porn has never seen a woman like Julie Simone before. BDSM and brutality being her favourite artefacts, she was first awarded the Best Rigger Award in 2004. Beginning her career as a pornstar, she taught her skills at places like DomCon, BondCon NYC, Threshold, ShibariCon, FetishCon, German Fetish Ball, and many more. Clubbing as well as one-on-one person interaction is present in her genre of acts. Numerous DVD line ups and her personal interview showcase her talents as a growing process. G4TV’s “Attack of the Show” was leaded by Simone and from NYC Television Film Festival, Dominatrix Diaries, was filmed as a pilot documentary.

This year i.e. 2012 had many things lined up for Simone. In a way, it has proven to be her comeback year in the fetish world after a short break period in the previous year. 6 AVN nods along with 5 Feminist Porn nods, and 3 XBiz nominations have proved her mettle and talent in the porn world. Receiving the “Best Kink Video” Award for “Vicious Strap On Bitches” was one of the most memorable moments of hers. International Film Festivals like Cinekink, Baltimore Erotic Festivals, Berlin Porn Film Festival, New England Erotic Arts Festival, MIX Festival, Cinerotic (Atlanta), PopPorn festival in Rio and Uruguay, and Kiel Fetish Film Festival have showcased her movies prominently.

Painting has also been her asset and starting from year 2011, she showcased her work on her personalized website Fetish Photos with amazing rage and brutality has been brought to a new level by Simone’s photography. Later on, her work was seen in magazines like Bizarre, Fetish (France), Secret Magazine, Bondage, and Fetish Photo Anthology 4 & 5. Exhibition of “The Dirty Show” at Seattle Erotic Arts Festival was conducted by her work along with other exhibitions like The Travelling Erotic Art Show that exhibited in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York, and Florida. She also had a niche in Folsom Street Fair Art Exhibit at Femina Potens Gallery. Scene Magazine features Julie Simone’s BDSM column each month which can be seen online at Julie Simone is a name that has seen many interactions in numerous ways. People who saw her work believe that there is no other person in the fetish porn world as Julie Simone. Learn more about Julie Simone from her websites